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Health update on Me


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Hi All,

Well, I finally got the results of my last Echo (it took 7 days cos the doc was on vaca..nice huh?). Anyway, my hearts efraction level (which is the power in which it pumps) was only 20% when i was admitted into the hospital 5 weeks ago, it is now up to 35% and the cardiomyopathy is improving. SO... although I wanted complete normalcy at this point (as did the docs)... I am moving in the right direction. I am able to return back to work tomorrow (part time) and don't see the cardiologist again for 3 months...

when I also get another Echo.

So for right now I am sitting tight, praying each day that my heart continues to get stronger. Please if you have a few moments if you could offer up a prayer for me, I would truly appreciate it.

Much Love, Sharon

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This sounds like really good news. I get to go for an Echo tomorrow because my last EKG wasn't "normal".. and because I'm short of breath. I will keep the prayers coming for you and I would appreciate one back , please. You take good care of yourself. You have lots of precious folks in your life who need you.



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