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Good bye


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I think I need to leave, for a while at least. I find myself jealous of those who are responding to treatment, depressed and generally unfit to be with others. I have wanted to respond to others, to help, but it usually turns out sounding bitter, so I don't submit them. So, until I can get it together, I will go. Thanks to everyone for your help. In time, I know I will be back and can help others.

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Oh sweetie,

I know what you're going thru. Right now is the hardest time- and there is a lot of anger and you're trying to figure out what life is all about now without your loved one in it. It's the hardest thing to go thru.

It does help to talk to others who understand....and we do and we are here for you.

If you need to step away from the boards, we will understand. Maybe you could just lean on us for a while and instead of offering input or support- let US support YOU.

Post when you feel like you need to, take a break and step back when you need to. Do what's right for you.

We will all still be right here for you.


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I can completely relate to what you are saying. It was not that long ago I had to step away from this wonderful site myself. Granted my circumstances were vastly different but I want you to know that this group will be here for you when ever you find yourself in need of a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to, people to lean on. We will be here.. no matter what.

Please be kind to yourself and remember we care and are here when you are ready.

Warm and understanding hugs


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There were many occassions when I stopped visiting or posting here... for various reasons, but there was one constant, whenever I came back, this group was there for me with open arms as we will be for you.

This is such a tough time for you... I know your emotions are all over the place right now... Please promise one thing... if you need an ear to listen... please PM me...

Love, Sharon

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