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hello my name is liz and i am writing on behalf of my partner.we live in fukuoka city

japan.i am english so for me this sight has been a godsend.

on march 3rd this year my partner was diagnosed with 3b adenocarcinoma nsclc.

main tumour right lung about 3cm plus several lymph nodes including under his collar bone.beginning of april started chemo taxol/carboplatin every two weeks later changed

to every three weeks ashis wbc didn't go high enough in two weeks.ct scan june 11th

definete shrinkage another scan july18th more shrinkage another ct scan sept 3rd after

8 chemos main tumour gone and all lymph nodes except 1 which is now about 1cm.

he has had number 9 chemo and will have 10 today with two more planned.next ct oct


no radiation was given but it seems most people 3b have combo rad/chemo.

if there is no cancer after he's finished chemo he can't have radiation.

with chemo only will the cancer just come straight back.

his overall health is quite good he did smoke ,he's 59 years old.we hve 3 children

8years,10 years and 14 years we also have something in common with ned(hawaii)

we have a 4 year old golden retriever called shadow.

for the last 7 months i have been reading this page regularly its been of great help

and hope i thank you all.lizxx

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Hello Liz and welcome!~

I cannot offer much information or advice but I do want to welcome you to the site . I am sure that others will be along with lots of advice and suggestions for you, soon,

Please keep us posted and let us know how things are going.



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Hi Liz and welcome to this awesome support site. It is good to know of cases such as yours who have just looked here and found it helpful. I was also stage 3b at diagnosis but had combo rad/chemo therapy. I don' t think there is a straight answer to if it will come back but if it is shrunk then I would think chances of it not coming back are the same with or without radiation. Good question though and that is just my guess. Will be interested to see what others say. Continued best wishes


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Welcome Liz. Sorry to hear about your partner. The kids are still young, are they upset? Sounds like he is responding well to his chemo. Shadow I bet is a big help during this difficult time. Dogs seem to know our feelings and want to help.

Keep us posted.

Donna G

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we also have something in common with ned (hawaii)...we have a 4 year old golden retriever called shadow

Hi, Liz. We have one more thing in common. I'm very familiar with Fukuoka City, at least as it was in the late 1960s — our reconnaissance squadron from Okinawa was deployed to Itazuke Air Base for several months. Many pleasant memories! Aloha,


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Liz, Welcome aboard. It must be nice that you are so far away and we still have someone (Ned) familiar with your city. I don't know what determines whether or not you have radiation and chemo. It may be the size of the tumor after chemo. I would say that your partner has had a lot of chemo and it does sound successful. I would take the fact that they are not planning on following with radiation a good sign.

Judy in Key West

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