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smelled my Mom's perfume today. I was at work walking down the hall and no one else was in the hallway with me. I'd like to think she was there--but then I think she probably wouldn't hang out at the hospital where she worked and ultimately died.

I've been having a real hard time lately. This time last year she was going down hill fast. I remember thinking/hoping that she might be here for Thanksgiving and she barely made it. Plus I have another nasty cold. You know when you're sick, you want your Mom.

Heck, I just want her.

Tough days... :cry:


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I know your Mom is watching over you. SHe told ya so today!! Prayers and Hugs for some iner peace right now!!! I understand how rough life is.(((())))

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The smell of perfume got my attention. I distinctly remember after my grandmother died that I would smell her perfume. I believe she was here. No one in my house wears perfume, including me. Out of the blue, I would smell it near me or I would walk across the living room and smell it. It would disappear as quickly as it came. No one will convince me otherwise. I do believe your mom is still with you and looking over you.

It is very hard going through all the firsts the year after. Be patient with yourself. It just takes time. Holiday time has always been the hardest for me.



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