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Hello All, miss you bunches when I dont get on board here. The gemzar was no match for my cancer( PS I knew it, my body told me) So before we went to the 11/20th visit, my husband Jerry and myself decided, if he offers that "kitchen sink" option, WE ARE NOT TAKING IT, we do not want to start that until after the holidays. We had a plan. Then on the visit, the DR. says I'd like to start the "kitchen sink" protocol today, and we say.........OK!!!? CEA up to 1310. The acroynym for this protocol is CAMP Cytoxan, Adriamycin, Methotrexate and Procarbazine (a pill). It is all that and the kitchen sink, but hea, I'm here to write about it. Every symptom, every side effect. On Oxycontin now for bone mets HATE it. Love the 5mg instant tabs, but the 12 hr extended release make me so sick. I was wondering about the patch. Any patch slappers out there? Next visit 12/18 scheduled for another dose of CAMP. Has anyone heard from Don? Mary

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Hi Mary. Thanks for checking in with an update. Sounds like an interesting kitchen sink you were offered. Gemzar didn't work for me either, my hated and rejected it in many ways. Good to hear that you are moving on and doing all you can to fight. I empathize with your side effects, we lc patients certainly go through a lot. I pray that the "kitchen sink" provides positive results for you.


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Mary, keep that great attitude. And believe me, I know all about that talk with your guy and making a decision only to change it in the doctor's office. Been there done that a couple of times. You just have to trust the decision you make "in the moment." Here's hoping the kitchen sink treatment works for you and that someone comes along with some experience with that patch. And no, I haven't heard from Don or talked to anyone who has. We are all concerned.

Judy in Key West

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