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Every year on this day, mom would call to remind me

Nick C

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"The days start getting longer again!!!!"

Even in the dead of winter...spring and summer not even on the radar, Mom could only see the good news in the year's shortest day.

This year more than any I appreciate that little call I would get. I'm going to go home and toss Sophie in the air and tell her as enthusiastically as mom would tell me every year.

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Hi Nick,

It's the little things that sometimes sting the most. I'm sorry your beautiful mother wasn't here to call you today and share that with you. I believe that she loved that you are passing along that memory to share with your daughter and smiles thru your daughter every day. I hope you have a happy Holiday.

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All those little things that you pass on to your beautiful daughter is what will keep your Mom alive for generations to come. I remember Dennis said to me one day...."every time you think of me, I'll be alive." Every time I think of him, those words come to mind. You know, when we're gone from this phase of life the only thing we have left behind are memories of the little things we say or do and the love we share with others. So ofter, I think of the people in my life that have passed on from this life and I remember some of the quaintest little things they used to say or do and it always seems to make me smile!!!

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Nick--I was thinking the same thing. That even though we think of spring as the renewal of the earth, the process actually started yesterday with the days starting to get longer. It is s time for celebration and I hope you and Sophie had a great time. The earth is renewing itself and your mom proved yet again that she is still with you in some very important ways.


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