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Hope, Thanks and Merry Christmas

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It was 3 years ago this month (just before Christmas) that my mom had the Chest CT for a lingering cough that brought her to where she is today. Although she wasn't "formally" diagnosed until the end of January, the nurse in the Physicians office read the radiology report to mom over the phone on December 23, 2006 and we all knew it was cancer.

I want the newer members here to know that this will be the 3rd Christmas my mom has shared with us since that horrible diagnosis. Like all of you, I read everything I could get my hands on when we found out she was stage IV......I don't need to tell you what the stats said!

Anyway, forget the stats, because my very best Christmas present this year is that my mom is here to spend it with us. We had so little hope in the beginning and hope and the belief that things don't HAVE to happen a certain way are so very important in this battle.

So, I am sending out special Christmas thoughts and prayers to all of you. My Christmas wish is that they find a treatment for this horrible disease and until then, we all keep hoping and praying for the very best for our loved ones.

Merry Christmas!


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Shelly, thanks for your message of hope. At this time last year I missed the Christmas Eve parties in the neighborhood because I was nauseous and weak from my most recent chemo. This year I went to both and am looking forward to Christmas tomorrow with some of my family and friends and neighbors. Your post helps me believe I have many more to look forward to. Thanks again for sharing.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks for that uplifting message of hope! Your mom is an inspiration and I am thrilled for you.

Three Christmases ago, we too were in the process of diagnosis. We were scared out of our minds (at this point we were pretty sure it was cancer, but not what kind). The day after Christmas, I remember mom turning to me and saying "I wonder if I just celebrated my last Christmas?" The answer was no.

Last week we shared a beautiful Christmas together. I was grateful for every moment of it.

So for those of you who might have been just diagnosed or had a loved one diagnosed--my mom, like Shelley's mom is proof that there is hope and there is treatment.

Thanks Shelley and give that amazing mom of yours our love from the LCSC!


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I love these posts! Thanks Shelley from the wife of Thom who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in Sept. of this year. We avoid stats and BELIEVE that anything is possible. We BELIEVE with God's help we can get through this as well. I am printing off this e-mail to show my husband. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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