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Minor Setback


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Hi All,

Had 2 scans done on the 9th (Head and Chest) and received a call from my Oncologist saying my chest scan looked great but some small spots showed on the head scan.

Not able to sleep that night I called my Radiation Oncologist and set up an appointment the next morning. He was very optimistic about the treatment (Gamma Knife) and outcome (he preformed my chest and PCI) due to the fact that I have responded well to radiation before and that my former tumor in the chest is still quiet. We scheduled an MRI and made an appointment to see the neurosurgeon for consultation.

After reviewing my MRI (found a few more spots), The neurosurgeon is also very optimistic about the surgery and outcome. The surgery is scheduled for the 16th.

I have gone through every emotion possible during the last few days but I have to believe in the optimism of my doctors that everything will turnout alright. With this disease you can not let your guard down for a minute or it will come back to bite you.

Thanks for listening


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It sounds like the doctors are very, very optimistic that the gamma knife will be successful. I will be thinking of you and praying that all goes well and smoothly!

Your wonderful, positive attitude will only help, too.

Will be waiting to see your post in the GOOD NEWS soon!



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Rob it is good that the Doctor's are optimistic. I know it is difficult and I can certainly understand that it can keep you awake. You have to try to have the same optimism that your professionals have. We will be thinking of you and praying for good results

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Thanks to everyone for their support. It has really helped as I am sometimes scared sh**less about the future. I need to take life day by day now and thank the lord for the quality time he has given me since my dx. I will never, ever give in to this.


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