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taking responsibility


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sorry this is not a rant toward anyone and off topic. I am not a republican but have problems with things going on today. Like who paid for the fertility treatments for the unmarried woman that had octuplets?

I just believe if you create your actions, you cannot ask for a bailout. I worked two jobs to pay for my house, nor did I get in over my head.

My feeling is the public should not have to pay for the poor actions/decisions of others

sorry just my opinion since I am paying a huge amount of taxes

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...and, on the flip side, having paid taxes, HIGH taxes for the last however many years while making a decent wage, it sure would be nice to get access to some of those social programs for the unemployed now that both me and my husband ARE. Yep, would be nice to get some of that money I've pounded down that rat hole - not that I mind assisting people that truly need it, but people who just take it all for granted and never use it as a step up...well, not so into that...

...and I'm GLAD I'm not in the California tax base!

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I'm in on this too--the side of personal responsibility. We have a lot of homeless here in Key West. Some come down to winter! We locals often divide them in our minds--the true homeless who are there because of bad luck or circumstances beyond their control, the mentally impaired who were tossed on the streets when they closed the mental hospitals years ago, and the bums who sleep in the shelters at night and booze and harrass people on the streets and on the beaches all day.

My husband and I also worked hard and came up from very little means. It was part of life to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. We need more people with that philosophy today.

Judy in Key West

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but many do not

I happen to be a registered democrat

but discraceful to me is having multiple kids and having the puplic pick up the tab for them--

I wanted kids , could never afford them so I did not have them--but I should pay for someone elses choice?

Everyone should pick up the tab for them self--

I, for one am tired of working all of these hours to pay for other people

Insensitive--no--just tired of paying for other people's poor choices I get up at 4:40 a.m. , stand on a freezing cold station platform to go to work, pay 211 for my monthly train ticket, am lucky I get a seat, am lucky if I get home at 7:30 p. m. to pay for others mistakes!!! Please do not call me insensitive--I quite frankly am a liberal turning republican!!!! and no this web site is ok since i have posted off topic and others are posting about topics other than LC


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do not any one of you tell me I did not grow up the hard way

abusive father--quit school at 16, worked in factory, went to community college for ged, worked full time while going to school nights, worked at macy's part time too, went to good school after the 2 year school because of my good marks

now working at a very good job

this was all on my OWN!!!!

I quite honestly think people have to do on their own!!!!

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You got it!!!

U should have access--u paid into it!! This is your right!!!

problem I have is the people that did not!!

and knowing you, you would not expect to!

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you totally did that!

i remember back years ago, the sacrifices you did to adopt your dear daughter--but you took responsibility for them . you commuted too!

but you did it and paid the bill!!!

sorry just my rant--got my tax bill for school just went up a huge amount!!!! I spent exactly one year in this school system--sorry if I have to do without cable , kids have to do without a school leading a cheering squad and a drivers ed class

I am 61 and am afraid i will not be able to keep my home

Commuting is horrible at this age and I just want to cry!!!

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where homeless line up for a sandwich and coffee at church

most deserve, but i always used to give this homelees guy I saw a dollar a day and ten dollars on weekends. i asked him why he never lined up for the sandwich, --he said Oh I go to the diner and proceeded to pull out a cell phone!!! I could not even afford a cell phone at the time!!!!

not all like this, granted, but how many are?

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