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I have not remembered a dream since Mark has passed and have so been really wanting to see him in my dreams, hear his voice. Well my daughter wasn't feeling well this morning so I offered to take my grand daughter to school. As I was putting Belle (who is 6) in the car she said to me "Nan, Mark misses you" and I said he does, how do you know sweetie? and then she says to me "cuz he called me and Mommy and said to tell you that he misses you and that he loves you". I truly believe he knows I'm not remembering what I'm dreaming, he couldn't get thru, but knew he could thru Belle.

They do find a way to get to us no matter what. It's my Valentine from him.

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How sweet and such a special valentine. My 2 year old daughter on several occassions has said "I see Cappy". One time she was staring off into the distance and I said "What are you looking at?" and she replied back "Cappy". There was no one anywhere near where she was looking. I just smiled because I truly believe that she does see him!

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Sometimes we just look too hard. I've found that when my mind is just blank and I'm all relaxed, Dennis will come to me and let me know he's close. I'm so glad your sweet little one relayed the message!!!

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