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Yorktown Linda

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These guys are terrific. They really seem to know what they are doing.Not just the big things, med-wise, but the little, comforting things. Such as drinking through a straw -- I was having choking issues.

I wish I could talk my husband into in-patient hospice as he seems so over-whelmed at times, but I guess he would miss being there.

Anyway, I can unequivocally (assumming I've spelled that correctly, what's it worth in Scrabble?) recommend these guys. They've been there, done that and they're very good at what they do!



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Hi Linda, I am glad that you are having a good experience with Hospice and they are providing you with comfort. They were a true blessing to my Dad. Hospice does wonderful things to assist us when we need them. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


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I am so glad that hospice is giving you so much support and comfort. They helped us with everything with my mom.

My dad was very overwhelmed but he wouldn't have wanted it any different! And now, I know he cherishes every moment, even the tough ones.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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Glad to hear you're being well taken care of by the hospice folks. You sound in good spirits :)

Please stay in touch so we can know how you're doing. Send me a message if you'd like my phone number. Sometimes it helps to talk to another survivor. Katie and I are trying to start one or two lung cancer support groups in the Fort Worth area. There aren't any, yet. I'm off for spring break this week, so hope to make a little progress in that direction.



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