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PET Scan Time


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Tom has his PET on Monday morning. This will be the first one since dx.

I seem to be more worried about this one than any other scan he has had. I see him having more SOB, moving slower, needing more assistance with everyday things, getting more forgetful. He has been complaing of shoulder pain this past which is making him have to get help with dressing.

I have been more emotional this week and feel myself just drawing in. May be my way of just gearing up for what may be coming. I really hope it is for naught.


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Hardest thing, is it your intution telling you something is wrong or just your fear pushing in? You and Tom will be in my thoughts today and I start chemo again. Here's hoping he will have a happier outcome. I'm routing for you girl. Have missed you on the boards.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks everybody.

Tom came out of the PET looking and feeling like he had just run a marathon. He had gone over 2 hours without his O2 which he decided not to take in with him. He was in the machine for a little over and hour with his arms over his head which just killed his shoulder. He also did not take or ask for anything for that either. What was he trying to prove anyway?!!

Well we will not get the results until next week Monday. Not because they won't be ready by then but because that is when Tom set the appt up for as that is my day off.

He has not yet learned yet that I don't like waiting.


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