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I was taking my morning walk yesterday and ran into a guy that my sister knows who used to sell chemotherapy drugs. He asked about my lc and when I told him what my treatment plan was he immediately told me I had 6 to 9 months to live. He also said I should change doctors! I have been told by 4 doctors what I am doing is the normal protocol for Stage 4 LC.

I just wanted to check to see if any of you got treatment at the big ones - TX, Sloan Kettering? If no, where did you get your treatment!

He really scared me.

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Give me that guys name and address and I will be there and take care of him real quick!!!!!!!! How dare he say those negative things to you!!!! And as far as which meds you are on, you said he USED to sell chemo drugs - maybe he is out of the loop now!!!! Only change docs if YOU feel uncomfortable with him - not someone else!!!

DON'T LISTEN TO STATISTICS!!! You are an individual, NOT a statistic!!! Who the hell is he to decide how long you have, or for that matter, how long anyone has on this earth. I was told 12 months tops (by a doc) and I am reaching my 32 month mark this week and doing good with still lots of options available to me. We have many survivors here who are stage IV like you and me and have been around longer, some even who are NED (no evidence of disease). One of our members has been here for 7 years since diagnosis of Stage IV.

It angers me that people can be so negative to other people. I truly cannot see myself ever saying that to anyone - theres no gentle way to say that and it was so hurtful for him to say that!!!!

GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR - I am so sorry he scared you. Next time you see him tell him hes full of it!!!!

Now I will go take my blood pressure meds!~!!! :lol::lol::lol:

You hang in there, Pixie!!!!!! Others will be waking up soon and posting and I am sure they will be asking to share my high BP meds!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Pixie,

Like Patti mentioned don't get hung up on statistics. It’s scary in the beginning because we have all run into a Monday Morning Quarterback when it comes to advice. Don’t even get upset because it’s not worth. I live in the greater Boston area and I do not go to Dana Farber or Mass General that are considered to be in the top ten hospitals in this country for cancer. And no I'm not saying don't go to a cancer center if that is where one prefers. I go to what I call a Mom and Pop Store. As far as I'm concerned it's the doctor not where one gets treated. I'm Stage IV and seven (been stable since Dec06) years out and right now lung cancer is the least of my troubles. I would not change my doctor unless she stopped practicing or told me I needed to go somewhere else. I would not be here today if not for (twice in 2006 and 2008 came within a couple of days to checking out) her. Not only is she my oncologists she also is my (also have ITP, a blood disorder) hematologist and also calls a lot of the shorts even with my other health issues. So if you have a great doctor stick with them and if any questions/concerns ask them, there the ones that know your situation the best and will know what's best for you. Hope this helps to relieve your mind.

Hang in there and take care-- its Lung Cancer 101 as you go along,


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What a jerk that guy is! I can't believe he thinks he can give you those kinds of numbers when we all know even the doctors don't know how long each of us has. I'm treated at MD Anderson in Orlando but even so I was scared every step of the way in the beginning. I used to post Dr West on cancergrace.org whenever I needed reassurance. It's a great way to get an informed second opinion and it's free. And I agree with Rich. It's the doctor not necessarily the facility that matters the most.

Hang in there.

Judy in Key West

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I'm with the rest of the replies. Who is this idiot!?!! He used to sell chemo drugs?!?! Has he seen your scans?!?! Has he seen your reports?!?!? :evil: Sorry getting way too excited!

I went to the Kansas City Cancer Center for my treatments. I got my ONC after they did an ULL. I had small cell lung cancer which is considered inoperable, but they had to go in to do a biopsy so the surgeon saw it and took out my upper left lobe and the surrounding lymph nodes. That's when I got my ONC who I love to death she is awesome. She wanted to follow up with chemo so I did, Mondays: cisplatin & vp16, Tuesdays: vp16 and Wednesdays: vp16, I then had a 3 week break and we did that 4 rounds. So for my type of cancer my treatment wasn't the "norm", but I'm cancer free today.

Try not to look at the stats, I did and for small cell they are very, very frightening. We are all differant and respond to treatment differantly. Listen to your gut and if you like your ONC, I say stick with them. Listen to your ONC, go to grace.org and ask questions, ask questions here. Oh and by the way, Great Job of bringing this up! Keep up the good work!


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What a creep! He's probably a very unhappy person who is trying to spread his unhappiness around, different only in degree from those who think they've had a painful life and want to inflict pain on others whenever possible.

There's plenty of misinformation out there, especially about cancer, and you can get that even from well-meaning people. It's best to check these things out with a reliable source such as cancergrace.org (GRACE - Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education, headed by a highly regarded Seattle oncologist and lung cancer expert).



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HE SOLD CHEMO DRUGS????????? :roll::roll::roll::roll:

On the corner? On the internet? To whom did he sell them? And, if he is a reputable pharmceutical sales representative, that doesn't mean he knows much about cancer.

Both of my chemo experiences were with 3 - 4 person oncology groups. My followup care now is at MDAnderson-Orlando. You can get good care from both types of groups.


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Oh my gosh....what a jerk! I agree with Ned, this guy has got his own sorry issues and is enjoying sharing his misery with others. So just dismiss him and let's all thank goodness he is not in the cancer business anymore.

I also agree that it is the doctor versus the facility that is most important. And your comfort and rappore wtih that doctor.

Keep your chin up, you are very early in this journey. Take care


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