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Thursday's Air


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Morning All. It's the seventh day since my last infusion and things are not good yet. The cramping has persisted and yesterday I had a sinus flare-up. So hoping the day goes better as it moves along.

My hubby was already gone to the plant when I got up this morning so I worked with Heidi's pics. They are on Members Photo Albums. Heidi, I love your hair both ways. It is sleek and swingy and beautiful. I'm assuming the "sun kissed" on with the clock in the background is the new one? The other "honey colored" one is great too.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Mansfield PA

P.S. On to Kutztown PA tomorrow yeah!

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Judy....So sorry to hear you're still feeling rough around the edges. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. So nice of you to help with Heidi's pictures!!!

It was so nice to see the Shuttle rise above the clouds yesterday. I was on my way to a meeting when it launched, so I pulled over to the side of the road to watch. Funny how everyone here just automatically seems to pull over and watch our big bird fly. We're really going to miss seeing these launches and landings when the Shuttle program comes to an end. It's almost as if we've been taking it for granted for all these years and now that it's about to end, we realize what we really have been priviliged to witness so many times.

My sweet little granddog, Bailey, was buried yesterday beneath her favorite oak tree where she has spent so many hours of her little life. She would sit for hours, watching the birds bathing and barking at the squirrels. I think Bailey is probably with her Grandpa Dennis, playing and having a ball.

I'm so glad today is Thursday because that means tomorrow is FRIDAY...my favorite day of the entire week.

So, my friends, I pray that each of you can find something to smile really big about today, in your little corner of the world!


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Geez Judy. I sure hope you get some relief soon.

I din't have such a great night. I think I have a cold or something starting as I am coughing and have sinus drainage. The muscles in my back are sore from the coughing. Tom was up all night hacking up a lung as well. He goes to the onc today though and they will arrange his next CT which should be in a couple of weeks.

Good job posting Heidi's hairdo pics Judy.

Have a great day all.


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Thanks Judy! lol :oops: You are much more computer saavy then me or maybe I just dont take the time to do learn who knows. Anyways, I am so sorry you are not feeling well, I too hope as the day progresses that your symptoms deminish and dont come back.

Well another warm day here but all I get to see is out a big window right next to my computer but let me tell you I am thankful for that window. At least I can daydream or people watch (alot of city people walking to work,lunch, etc) lol

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


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Ann — Glad you got to see the shuttle launch yesterday. With all the delays, I know it was a relief for the NASA guys to get it off the ground. I haven't seen the shuttle, but I did get to watch Apollo 15 launch in July 1971. What impressed me more than the sight was the feel of the sound/pressure waves beating against my chest even at a distance of several miles.

Judy — Hope you're feeling better soon. I had become convinced that each of my Carbo/Alimta cycles was going to be a little more fatiguing than the last, but I was wrong. This last one has been a breeze, and I've been feeling great for over a week with still another 5 days to go before my next infusion. Go figure!


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I guess it isn't morning anymore. Hope everyone is having a good day. We live close enough to KSC to see the launches and landings. Not last night, tho. It was too overcast. We stood outside the front door, with our dog - knowing he would appreciate seeing a launch, and saw NOTHING :oops: We even thought it might have been canceled at the last minute. Now, if they can just stay safe 'till they get back.

Judy, I hope you start feeling better soon. This seems like a long time.


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Wow Ned, you look great. And I was worried about you and the treatments. I thought I hadn't seen you on the site for a couple of days but you popped up again.

This will have to be my closing tonight. Day seven and I hope it's over. This lady who seldom even takes an afternoon nap went back to bed this morning. I stayed there for a couple of hours and did very little the rest of the day. I was counting on going to dinner with Stan. When he saw me headed out to work out on my TG, he yelled at me to go back in. He said it took all day for me to get where I was. Oddly enough, I listened lol.

We came back from dinner to learn we'd stayed a day over our reservation. I guess there was quite a scene with the lady who booked this site in Jan. I honestly got my dates wrong, it's been such a rough week. I've banished myself to the back bedroom so Stan can get some sleep. He has to get up at 1 am and go back into the plant for the start-up in the morning. It must have taken me an hour or more to get online back here so I'm not pushing my luck. Let's hope my little siege is over. I have to admit, I think I overdid Sun, Mon and Wed and screwed up the constipation regime big time.

Have a great evening everyone. We're off for Kutztown PA sometime tomorrow and will get to meet briefly with some close friends.

Judy in Mansfield PA (but not for long!)

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