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My Friend Lorren and I


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My anxiety is twofold right now. Anyone who has followed my posts may have heard me talk about my friend Loreen. Loreen is about 79 (she's not sure) and has had lung cancer three times. She also wears a patch for beginning Alzheimer's disease and has had her driving privileges taken away. As soon as I found out she used to go to the cancer support group in town before losing her car, I adopted her and began taking her to group, to dinner afterwards and oftentimes just for a shopping outing on off days. Loreen loves to shop and has, on occasion, worn me out lol. Well I just found out her cancer is back. She has a complicated family situation and won't let me intervene in any way. Consequently, I have virtually no (nor does she) info about the cancer or when treatment will begin. It appears it won't for at least a couple of weeks. I feel so bad that I am away and she won't let me arrange to have anyone else in the group pick her up. She won't even let me tell anyone saying she doesn't know enough to tell yet. Please keep her in your prayers or thoughts, however you remember folk in need.

Me, all I have to worry about are my scan's tomorrow lol. Keep me in your prayers/heart as well. I will certainly be here to update after I get my results on Thursday.

Judy in Key West

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Prayers and concern from here, Judy.

What a loving woman you are. Loreen is blessed to have you in her life.

I wish I could come help out.................I bet you could talk her into letting me drive................I hate to shop, but I would be a good sport.

Now, concentrate on good test results.


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Judy--of course you both have my prayers. Your friend may need some time to adjust to the fact that the cancer is back before she is ready to deal with other people. I know mom (and she's the same age) had to have some time each time her cancer moved into a new phase.

I hope your scans are good news and we are celebrating on Thursday!


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