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update on brain scan


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There is a large mass occupying the right temporo parietal lobe. Evidence of enhancemeng. Considerable surrounding oedema. Evidence of mass effect. Effacement of suici. Some compression of the right lateral ventricie.No other focal lesion seen in the brain. No abnormality seen within the vault.


There appears to be a large metastatic lesion in the right parieto temporal region

I went over to my doctor with the results. we get them within an hr or so in australia. He said that it is from the blood stream (very fast) because the primary in my lung would have only started 6 to 9 months ago and I've had the headaches for a few months so it travelled pretty quickly. I had an oncologists appt for tomorrow but when I got home they had called anc cancelled till next week. Spoke with my doctor for an hour and a half today... this disease is going to kill me and it looks like at least it will be fast.


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My heart is breaking for you dear one. I'm sending extra prayers your way. Please let us know how your appt goes next week and what your treatment options will be.

We are all here for you anytime you need us.

((hugs and prayers))

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Hi Michelle

I was told that it may not even be treatable at this stage and even if it is I will choose the path less travelled. I'm not going to go for any more opinions, I've already seen a couple then again next week with the onco who will inform me if it is even treatable. Quality of life is important to me.. not quantity and I believe death is just another plane of existence. I'm really ok with all this... just scared of pain but the doctors have assured me that I won't be writhering in agony in a hospital bed. There will be meds available. One thing I do worry about is the possibility of a seizure but I was also told that one is not really aware of it until you come out of it.

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I completely respect your choice of the path less traveled route and quality of life. Looking back on my husbands journey I wish we had done that and I too will chose that route should the time ever come.

Please come back and let us know what happens at the doc appt and how you're doing Marisa. My thoughts are with you.....you are a strong wonderful woman.

((hugs and prayers))

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I'm just so so sorry that your disease has progressed to this point. My heart is breaking for you and the tears are streaming down my face. You are such an inspiration in the way you are thinking this out and you appear to be at peace with whatever is to be. Not having been in your situation, I don't know if I could ever have such courage.. I guess a person doesn't know until it happens to them . This decision has to be yours. Please keep in touch with us and let us know what your doctor has to offer and what your final decision is.. In the meantime, I want you to know that you will be in my prayers.



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Hi Marisa

We have been talking for the last while so you know I feel. I just want to again say how very courageous you are and have been all through this painful process. Just know that we are here to support you any way we can. Take care friend.

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Marissa the fight and courage you are showing right now, brings to mind 2 people also, Dean Carl and Carole Hammett! They both have a lot of info on dealing with this mentally and physically also. This was a Dean Carl original Poem he wrote!!

Many of us here remember Dean Carl.Many newer members mabe don't.Dean was one of our very supportive and inspirational members here and was blessed with much wisdom.We lost Dean a while back but his wisdom still exists here in the Path Less Traveled Forum.This is a poem he wrote himself back in March2004.


Oh, how we fear that word!

I say to you, "I have cancer"

And I watch you,

refuse to hear.

I say to you, "I have cancer"

And I watch you,

bury me with your eyes.

Yes, I have CANCER.


Please hear the word.

But do not lay me in my grave,

At least,

Not just yet.

Oh, I know this disease

Will someday take my life.

The chances of that are,

Shall we say,

Rather high.

Yes, I know that which will take me,

From this world.

But not today!

But then again,

That's all I've ever had.


And to tell the truth,

(which I've been known to do at times)

That's all any of us ever have.


So today, I think,

I'll get up early,

And watch the sun set fire to the sky.

Today, I think,

I'll tell my wife,

"I love you", at least a hundred times.

Today, I think,

I'll find a way to laugh so hard,

I'll give myself a stomach ache.

Today, I think,

I'll go to the cliffs above the ocean

And ask old man Ocean what he knows that I don't.

Today, I think,

I'll climb down into the abyss,

And spit in the Devil's eye.

Today I'll do so many wonderful things.

And those I don't get done today.

I'll do tomorrow when tomorrow becomes today.

Yes, I have cancer

Yes, I will die from it someday.

But not today.

Not today.

Prayers and Hugs every and each day to you!!

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Marisa, I can't believe I missed this thread. I hope you are still lurking. I want to tell you that I so admire the grace and courage you are showing in the face of the rapid progress of your disease. Please take care and know that all of us here will keep you in our hearts. Keep us update as you can.

Judy in Key Wes

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