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My family's guardian angels work overtime...


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I do apologize for getting online so late today, I've had one heckuva day.

Today, I am thankful guardian angels do not take holidays off. This afternoon, my son took off with a friend to go to the mall and hang out. Not five minutes after he left, two ambulances hurtled past the house and I just had a sick feeling. I called him on his cell phone, and was annoyed when the call wouldn't connect. I figured he was temporarily out of the service area and waited a bit and called again. Voicemail. I connected with his voicemail three more times before a call finally went through. (Usually, I just give up when I can't reach him, but today, I felt I HAD to talk to him...)

All I said was, "Tell me the sirens that just went by weren't for you." Somehow, I've raised a smart *ss, so when he replied that they were for him, I told him to be serious. Then, I hear his answer, "Mom, they're coming for us. We had an accident and Miriah is hurt." He was still in the car, he had been talking to a 911 dispatcher, his being the first call made.

On their way to pick up another friend, they were making a left turn and a pick-up truck tried to pass them and hit them - hard.

The collision drove their car sideways down the road and into a ditch. Andrew says that when they were hit, the windows all shattered and blood splattered everywhere. His friend, the driver, had a gash on the back of her head. He was trying to keep her calm about the blood that was everywhere, partially by showing her all of his small cuts, as he realized that the blood on him was mostly hers. It took five staples to close the gash on the back of her head caused by the inside plastic trim of the door.

Andrew couldn't get out of the passenger side due to the door being wedged shut by a twisted frame and ditch bank. A fireman busted out the glass and had him crawl out the window while they worked on cutting Miriah out of the car and maneuvering her onto a backboard. They were still working on getting her out of the car when we arrived at the scene. I called information to get her parents' phone number to let them know she was on her way to the hospital and had been in an accident because Andrew didn't have the home phone number and couldn't find her cell phone.

Looking at the car...I know that there were a couple of angels working overtime today. The truck hit in the driver's door and crumpled the car. The roads were icy, and Miriah was driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions (slow). Had the roads been dry, with the force of the impact, my guess is the car would have rolled instead of plowing sideways 50 yards into a snowbank/ditch.

Both kids left the emergency room this evening with very minor injuries, considering the force of the impact, condition of the car and the vehicles involved. Just ever so thankful tonight to have him home safe, and multi-colored.

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So glad, Becky, all turned out as it did. I know I believe In guardian angels myself. Hopefully there will be no long-lasting effects for the kids. Always a worry where kids are concerned. Hope they get that pick-up truck driver and that he didn't leave the scene.


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