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Hello to all of you and a Very Happy New Year. Have not had many happy days lately but today was a good one . Went to my oncologists had cbc and all counts are good will not have to go for daily shots as i had been doing for the last 30 days but the best news was the brain scan was perfect no lesions no cancer is this great or what? Still no explanation as to the swelling of the left eye . Am on oxygen at nite and one thought was that perhaps it was blocking the sinus. But i'll take that. Just wanted to share the news with you all. Thanks Carlton

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Good news about the brain. I read a while ago that a droopy eyelid could be an indication of lung cancer. Have you tried going to an Ophthalmologist that knows about cancer?

Ptosis due to metastasis in the levator palpebrae muscle as first symptom of an adenocarcinoma of the lung

Wim I.M. Verhagen 1 and Dick Venderink 2

1 Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Department of Neurology, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2 Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Department of Radiology, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Ptosis may be caused by many different neurological disorders. A patient with ptosis due to metastasis in the levator palpebrae muscle is described. The ptosis was the presenting symptom of an adenocarcinoma of the lung. Although orbital metastasis in patients with systemic cancer are quite common, isolated ptosis is not. Ophthalmologists and neurologists may play a vital role in the diagnosis of metastatic cancer.

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