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Thursdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

This morning again,as yesterday,grey overcast skies,decided yesterday as my holiday is coming to a close, to get back to the bedroom makeover,before I started,Sally asked me to go to the supermarket to pick up some groceries-what is it with her fabric conditioner,seems to get a bottle every day I think she must be drinking it?.Anyway having pushed the trolly around the store for over an hour trying to find where everything is,I emerged from the store and miracles of miracles,the grey overcast skies were gone,replaced by a cloudless blue sky and the sun beating down on me.Well DIY I always relegate to dull and wet days-I can also tell Sally about my borderline osteoporosis and my clinical need to get as much Vitamin D as I can from sunshine.So yesterday was spent in the garden relaxing in a lounger,reading the book I picked up from the supermarket shelf,Patrick Swayzes autobiography "The time of my life"was this a way to spend a day?Dont tell Sally but I also sneaked out a wee dram of Whyte and MacKay and AMERICAN Ginger Ale-delicious.Well that was yesterday, its back to DIY to-day unless that old sun can break through the clouds again?

Judy glad you had such a nice evening meal out with your friends,every time I read your mail,they evoke the image in me of being on a permanent holiday,in a wonderful sunny environment,surrounded by orchids,humming birds and mutton snappers,book my ticket I think I will join you.I echo your best wishes to Ned,hope he recovers well and be back online soon.Seems I have missed a thread concerning your health Judy,are you currently receiving treatment?

Michigan Judy -Good Morning to you-have you been having a sore time of it?good to hear your doctors optimism in getting to the root cause of your muscle problem,hope he can also find an effective remedy-take it easy in the meantime.

Great story about the little girl lost in the woods,being found safe and well any chance of telling me the story? thanks.

You know something ,the clouds in the sky are beginning to break up,blue sky is keeking through the holes in the clouds,could it be the sun is returning? Whatever you are doing to-day,have a good one.

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Hi Judy.

You have answered my question, found your current health status in the other forum "Listening to myself talking"Speak to you later.

Eric xxxx

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Morning folks

Eric sounds like there may be a chance that your DIY project will be delayed and you will be lounging in the garden again today. I haven't read the Patrick Swayzee book but followed his story through the tabloids, T.V., his documentary, etc. Sad story an certainly show's that this disease can affect anyone in any walk of life.

Eric I think Judy is the social butterfly of Key West. I'm not sure if a 20 year old can keep up with her busy schedule !

Have a good day everyone

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Hiya Bruce,

Good to see you up and about,Iam afraid the sun didnt break through,just heard on the news about the Iceland volcano eruption,all airline traffic in the UK being shut down for the next few hours,until the high atmosphere dust cloud disappears,its currently drifting down towards Scotland,I hear the Shetlanders are getting the smell of sulphur in the air,they say it may have an effect on people suffering from asthma sufferers,I am taking no chances,staying indoors with windows closed.I am just having a break from my DIY,dismantled the admirals cabin bed,wardrobe and carpet and underlay and put them in the skip,kept the computer desk,drawer unit and chair,now to strip the wallpaper,had to stop briefly to draw back my breath,but Iam OK.Do kinda enjoy doing this kind of work though-see you soon.

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Morning All! Morning temps stuck in low 70s--73 this am but the wind just blows and blows. Bad for the fishermen. A couple of heavy rains with the high winds took care of most of the bottlebrush blooms so I'm glad I saw the hummingbirds when I did. I envy Judy her bird viewing in Michigan. We only get any variety at all when they are migrating through. I know I see so much more in the field in NJ when we visit.

Eric, so glad you got that relaxing afternoon with the sun shining. It was your reward for going to the supermarket lol. I'm glad you are getting to your chores today though--we call it a "honeydo list" here. My hubby adds his own thing--when he does something good for me (on the list or not) he refers to it as an "oh ah baby," when he screws up it's an "oh, ah shi_."

Bruce, so good to see you around. You haven't said which weekend you're having your big do at the farm. You know I keep up with your comings and goings and if you disappear for to long, I'll go hunting for you.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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The farm trip is on the 3rd weekend in May Judy. I think I'll spend from may 15th to the 24th there. But I also leave on Sunday for that conference at the castle. Rough life. LOL

I heard about the volcano and shutdown of airline traffic on CNN earlier Eric. It may be a good time for working in doors. I enjoy doing those renovation projects as well. I built my own house on the farm.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's supposed to get up to 78 degrees this afternoon. There is a chance of storms this afternoon. I'm hoping to dodge them for my ride home, but looking at the weather radar to the west, it doesn't look promising right now.

Eric, I hope that bad air doesn't affect your area too much. I really struggle when there's bad air, whether it's pollution, dust, or whatever.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning, friends. It's a really nice morning here in Palm Bay, a little overcast but nice. I finally broke down yesterday afternoon and turned on the A/C at home. It was just too hot and humid to rely on ceiling fans.

Not too much new going on here. We have the Vietnam Moving Wall coming into town on Sunday. The Wall will be here for one week and that week will be very busy for us. I made two wreaths this week, for the opening ceremonies. Beginning on next Thursday, our Legion Riders will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at the event. We have a 20x50 tent and all of the cooking is done outdoors. It's really a lot of work but very fun and rewarding. I will be getting up at 4:00 am on Saturday and Sunday morning to go and help with breakfast. We sell breakfasts for $5.00 and it's an all-you-can-eat meal, consisting of eggs, ham, sausage, home fries, SOS, biscuits and gravy and sausage. I know that all of you military guys know all about SOS...lol!

It's good to hear from everyone. YES...our Judy is definitely the social butterfly for Key West!!! I would like to have some of her energy. Bud....I love the pictures of your dog from FB! What a cutie.

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Well it's still morning here, so good morning all. It's 75 here and heading to 80, but extremely windy. Cold front is blowing in, but it's gorgeous right now! Will be back in the 50's and 60's this weekend. I adore Spring, for we get these temperature changes, and no humidity. That will come in July and August, and I hope to not put the Air on until then.

Judy KW, I understand the desire to see the birds. You would naturally see them migrating. But remember that they migrate because it gets downright nasty here come December through March! :D I'm not complaining though. I'm a Northerner through and through and love the four seasons, they are all beautiful. Right now the red winged black birds are feeding, and I love the song they sing. The finches are all brown in the winter, but come Spring they turn bright yellow, or blue or red. It's the boys getting pretty for their mates. It's awesome.

Well I took one Norflex last night, and I woke up ten hours later! I better take this medication earlier in the evening so I don't sleep in until 10:00! But I woke with no muscle pain, so maybe this medication will help. I plan to make the rest of the day a good one, spending a large part of it at Gilda's club. I love my Thursday stints at Gilda's club. Makes me feel like I'm a part of a solution, helping others with cancer live life fully.

Eric, I have not read Swayze's book either, but I followed his story. He was a huge star over here. Sad story.

Judy in KW? I think when a child is born and gets the name Judy, there is a destiny in mind for that child. I've always been a busy bee, and can't miss anything happening around me. I am uo late and always on the go! Even though I'm officially retired, I still drive around 25,000 miles a year going from one thing to another, busy as a bee. I'm definitely a Type A personality, and I love it. I think we are a lot alike!

Eric, I'm with you, keep the windows closed and stay inside. I don't do well with pollen, dust, really cold air, and other things that make breathing a challenge. Hope you make great progress on your project!

Well, I'm off to attack the day!

Take care,

Judy in MI

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It's still sort of early out here and I haven't stuck my nose outside, but it looks pretty nice through the window. My chemo went okay Tuesday, and I haven't really felt much from it except the need to sleep later. I'm just about healed from the hernia surgery, and got the rest of the steri-strips off last night. So I guess I'm back in the groove again.

Today is not only tax day, but also our anniversary — 33 years! I'm sure I won't be seeing 50, so a third of a century is a good excuse for a celebration. We're going to delay until the weekend, partly so I'll be feeling more up to it, but also so our son will be off work and can help us celebrate. Back in 1977 when he was 6, he would tell people "we're getting married." Cute!

Have a good day, all.


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Hi Ned,

Great to hear from you,so pleased you are recovering well from the hernia op and the chemo.

Nope, we dont do a "Tax Day"? day here and better off for it methinks.33rd anniversary,congradulations,have a real nice time with your wife and son when you celebrate it at the weekend,what do you mean you wont make your golden wedding anniversary?Ned its only 17 years away,anyway your just a kid in the married stakes,my 38th anniversary is this 2nd of September.Similar story with my young sister Irene,sitting on a busy public bus,with her young son Craig,he pointed out a passing church and said"Is that the church you and dad are going to be married?"

Lovely blue cloudless sky tonight,looking forward to another beautiful sunset,some years ago I took two French friends to see Loch Lomond,we arrived at a place on the east side of the Loch,called Rowardennen,the sight was magnificant,the hills,blue water and forests,the sun was setting behind Ben Lomond,I was so proud of them seeing some of Scotland at its best, when Jean-Pierre and Philippe turned round to me and say-"Ah-Eric it is very nice-but where is the Fish and Chips Shop?"

Bye for now.

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