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I'm new here....

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Barb I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. He is very fortunate that you can just pack up and go to be of help. Going through this you need a lot of support. It is a tough road.

Just yesterday I was talking to someone who helped me so much when I was going through treatment. I had 2 different Chemos and daily radiation, on the days I took Cisplatin I had to have a ride to the clinic because of medicine they gave me to keep me from getting nauseous. Also people from church sometimes would call and just let me vent. There was more to my treatment , you can click and read my story if you like. It is very important to have extra ears at Dr.s appointments also , or even a tape recorder.

Keep us posted on how you and he are doing.

Donna G

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Hello Barb, welcome back home. I'm just North of Grand Rapids, MI. I'm so sorry about the reasons for having to move back home, but how nice that you are able to do this for your Dad.

When you get more information, that would help us help you. Is it small cell or non-small cell? Find out what kinds of treatment are they offering? If it is chemo, find out what kind. Carboplatin, Avastin, Taxol, and many more. Are they offering radiation?

I am a lung cancer survivor, as well as a caregiver for my Mom, Dad and Sister. Let me know how we can help.

Judy in MI

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Hi Barb!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet. I'm sorry you are on this journey, but you've found a great place to get your questions answered, learn as much as you can, and get support from folks who know what you are going through.

Let us know what you can about your dad's dx and treatment. All is not lost. My mom was dx with stage IV NSCLC over 40 months ago and a couple of weekends ago she met one of her goals by seeing her gandaughter graduate from college. When she was first diagnosed, we didn't think it would be possible.

Every patient is different so don't put too much stock into the statistics. There are many people on this board told they only had a few mmonths to live and are here many years later.


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Hi, Barb, welcome to LCSC! Stage 3b/4 NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) was my diagnosis too, and that was in 2006. You can follow the link in the signature/profile area below to get an idea of what my journey has been like. Actually, I'm doing far better than I ever dreamed possible back then. You just never know.

How is your dad feeling? If he's strong enough to tolerate the chemo treatments without a lot of interruptions for complications, he might do very well. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome Barb altho we're sorry you had to come here. The best I can do is offer my name to the list right here in this forum of survivors of advanced lung cancer. I was dx'd 3B, 4a under new staging system. That was Oct 2007. I'm doing well and living a relatively normal life. Let us know how things progress with your Dad.

Judy in KW

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Welcome Barb, although I am sorry you have need to be here, I am glad you found us.

I don't have much to add to the already excellent advice from others. Good luck with the move - that is stressful in and of itself - don't forget to be kind to yourself.


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Hi Barbara,

Welcome,sorry to hear about your Dad,as you can see from the other buddies here everything isnt black,my wish for your Dad that he becomes a long term survivor.It is such an upset for carers,particularly as in your case uprooting your home and family to be closer to your Dad ,it can also be frustrating sitting on the sidelines wishing you could do more for him,just remember to look after yourself and enjoy the times you can share with your Dad.

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