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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Not very bright outside yet. We're expecting the cool-down as Ann is. But Ann, I wish you could get some of our rain. We've had downpour fairly often. Did again last night when I went to bed. Hate it on the tin roof.

Well, we found Judy in MI. Not my question is where is Muriel. Haven't seen her since Sep 7. Again, hopefully she's taking off time for life now that her husband is retired. If you read, Muriel, check in and say hi so we know you are o.k.

Didn't fall asleep easily again last night. Even the Ativan isn't quite doing it. I've been skipping my guifenisen DM at night because I'm taking tarceva on an empty stomach and it kind of sweet (but terrible). If it has sugar in it, it will trigger digestion so to be on the safe side....I was thinking how I haven't had coughing fits from allergies for awhile and set off one big time. Half hr past the Tarceva, I took the guifenisen. Went to sleepshortly after.

Want to settle into some kind of normalcy. Taking a pill at home instead of IV chemo should lend itself to a feeling of normalcy--soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey folks

Still dark here and since I am a morning person, I can't wait for daylight savings time this weekend. Not much I can do outside on the farm until it is light out so I spend time online and have a tea. Temperature is still above freezing which is great for this time of the year. Glad I moved south because they have had over a foot of snow in the knife now for 2 weeks.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty getting to sleep Judy. I'm sure you will get that normalcy back soon.

I'm glad you mentioned that Muriel has been absent for awhile. Muriel was a rock for me on this site when I joined. She was probably the person who convinced me to push for adjuvant chemo after my surgery. 3 1/2 years out and still NED, I really appreciate that she was there to push me. So hopefully we do hear from her soon. Have a great day everyone. Take care.

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A dismal rainy day here in Richmond. The Office Park I work in is having their annual "free lunch" so instead of the usual walk around the building we drove - but free lunch...you can't beat that.

I too hope that you find some "normalcy" soon Judy. Sounds like you have the right idea - it's hard to stop thinking about stuff once your brain gets its hook in it though. I am so thankful that my ambien works so well for me. You have just started Judy so I'm thinking things will settle into a routine you can LIVE with - which is the only thing that matters. (I hope you take that as a little funny - that's how it was meant.)

If Ann drops in we can all look forward to a weekend that is one hour longer - got to love turning the clocks back even if you do sleep the time away.

Hope everyone is having a productive Thursday.


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Hi everyone,

I'm here and I'm fine. I kinda gave up on loggin in as I get kicked off almost immediately, thus losing whatever I was posting. I don't know why this happens, but it has happened before, I told Katie and everything was ok for while . Then, it wasn't ok.

Had a cancer scare from mid-May till the end of July. Briefly, I lost my voice. Saw my PCP, she gave me antibiotics. Didn't get better. Saw ENT. A scope showed a weakened vocal cord, so he ordered a CT of my head, neck, and chest. Head and neck ok; radiologist - same frantic group as always at MDACC - saw "something." Had a PET; later learned the SUV was 2.1 (not alarming in my mind). Onc. ordered a bronchoscopy. They found NOTHING of concern. So, at the end of July, I still couldn't speak very well. Then, I tripped in the Target parking lot. Broke a bone in my hand and one in my wrist and hurt my knee (the one w/out a knee replacement). The wrist and hand are doing ok. Knee Xray only found arthritis. MRI a week or so ago, showed a tear in the medial meniscus (somewhere inside my knee I think). Have an appt. with Orthop. on the 22nd. Maybe arthroscopic surgery, maybe TKR. Problems: The last knee replacement ('99) was a worse experience than either of my thoracic surgeries! I don't think I want to repeat that and now I have one less lobe in each lung. So, that's where I've been. If someone can figure out how I once I log on, I don't get logged out,you'll hear from me again.

Bruce, you made my day! It isn't often that you feel that you made an impact on someone's life and maybe I did. Then again, maybe you had chemo for no reason.

It isn't raining here in Orlando yet, but the lights are flickering. That's never a good sign.


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Good afternoon, everyone!

The forum logged me out, wouldn't let me log in, and wouldn't send me a password. I had to get Katie to do a rescue so I could log in again.

It was 50 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high was 67, but it's plain that we're not going to make that. The howling north wind will be a good tailwind on the ride home. My bronchitis seems improved today. I can breathe without sounding like I'm snoring.

I hope you get your sleep lined out soon, Judy. If you can do that, I would think that just taking a pill at home would be a nice change from the regular chemo you've been doing.

Have a great day, all!

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Another beautiful day in the PNW, so far. Yesterday was record breaking warm - 65-70 around town. "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle!" Anyone remember that and who was your crush?

There is a Lung cancer awareness event tonight (LCA - Shine A Light) so maybe the weather will hold till after that at least.

Judy in KW - insomnia has not been an issue for me, but this week I am waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep. At least I slept in today So much for water exercise class. Why do they assume old folks want to get to the Y at 8:30 a.m.? - Most of the class are long retired and many seem to have been public school teachers.

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If any of you watch CNN, catch the story about the gunman in the Palm Bay Community Hospital. That hospital is just a couple of blocks from my office. The area has been crazy since about 2:30 this afternoon. We're accustomed to hearing sirens here, as ambulances head for the hospital. But today, the sirens were non-stop. We were thinking that there must have been a horrific traffic accident. Finally, we were able to get some news and find out there was a shooter barricaded inside the hospital. We still have few details and police have Malabar Road blocked off just outside my office window. People have been using our parking lot all afternoon for a cut through between streets. There is something really weird with all of this and I think I posted about it before. I am going back to search my posts before I go into the details but will share with you tomorrow. Funny, I go to the hospital about once a week for lunch and I almost went today. But, it's raining and I thought I'd get soaked walking the distance from where I have to park, so I threw some lunch together here at the office. God is good!!!

Well, I'm on my Friday countdown and am looking so forward to a nice, cool weekend. I love wearing sweaters and I think I'm going to get the opportunity to wear one on Saturday!!! KW Judy, we got some of your rain yesterday afternoon. It rained a lot during the night and it's been raining off and on all day.

Judy, so very sorry you're still having sleeping problems. Next time, try tuning in to QVC or HSN...that always puts me to sleep and gives me a few laughs as well. I love listening to the people that call in and rave about all of the products they have purchased. I really love it when some of the ladies call in that have all the make up from a show!!! I really think people become addicted to buying these things.

Muriel...so relieved to hear from you. I have thought of you many times but by the time I get ready to shoot you an email, the phone rings and I get distracted. Please keep us updated on how you're doing!

Well, gotta run and try to find a file.

See you tomorrow....my favorite day of the week!!!

PS...watch CNN and you'll see just where I am!!!

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Evening All,

11.00pm here, actually feeling really tired and went to bed at 8.30pm dozed a bit,but couldnt get into a deep sleep,so here I am.Another day of heavy showers,hope its at least dry for the weekend.

Took my discretionary time yesterday pm (time to study in a place of my own choosing,weekly allowance 3hrs)dont tell on me, but I went along to the Stobhill LC Support Group,special event was planned for LC awareness month,Penny had arranged to have a stand set up in the main reception area for our group to distribute leaflets on recognising the early signs of LC and other information booklets from the MacMillan Press and Roy Castle LC Found.We also had some merchandise to sell,key rings,teddy bears and badges(Pins I think you call them?)all our stock went.We also had Pick a shoe A4 sheet with pictures of about 30 different shoes,you paid a £1 and signed your name and number against a particular shoe one lucky winner gets the pot.Its linked to a Roy Castle campaign theme De-Feet Lung Cancer another slogan is Let your feet do the talking(charity walk events) Another event we organised,is a balloon race,basically we tie a label to your sponsored balloon,with our details on it all the balloons are being released on Nov 17th,the one thats recorded as found furthest from the release point(Stobhill Hospital)gets a prize,all the local and national press has been invited,hopefully we will get a mention?.

Oh just off the phone to the Minister regarding graduation ceremony at Glasgow Uni on Saturday clashing with Christianity Explored weekend away,I am going down to Dumfries after the ceremony at lunchtime.Charging up my camera now for both events,going to have a great weekend,taking my waterproof gear for hill walking just in case.

Its nice to see everyone here today,refound Judy and Muriel,hooray.Gosh I read all the posts,now what has everyone been up to again?think Eric, I knew I should have taken notes,what a bummer,wonder is there a way to go back to a forum,halfway through a post and then return without losing it?

OK,memory time Judy KW is having a brill time with Tarceva,with the absolute minimum of inconvience,spot of insomnia bother?simple coupla wee drams of Whyte and Mackays and you will sleep like a baby,just thinking thats what I should have done earlier(no its aw done at the weekend-shame)

Ann-What excitement gunman at the hopital,area cordoned off,police,lights flashing,yeah I have seen this in the Dirty Harry Films.Dont you think he has over-reacted about the Doctor about giving him an injection?or was it his bill?.Your health care system really does ---- off some of your citizens dosnt it?Thank goodness Ann you gave the hospital a miss for lunch,imagine being held hostage for a cup of coffee and a bacon roll?

Well goodnight everyone,going to take Anns advice and watch some QVC-yawn.

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Event tonight was pretty well attended - perhaps the highlight was the piper in Kilt (Gunn clan by marriage) doing Amazing Grace. I asked specially for you Eric! I have a bad photo - too dark and I didn't think to change the setting.

Long day - good night.

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