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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Promises to be a perfect day: 72 now, expected high 82. Love it. This is why I live here!

So glad it's finally Wednesday. The two tuesdays (9 & 16) were making me a little dizzy. But welcome home Ned. We missed you. I know how special those visits with family are when they live at a distance. It's what we get, I guess, for choosing to live in exotic places lol.

Libby, stay warm with that new furnace. We don't have heating on our AC unit. We could but the man choose not to. Makes me not a happy camper when it goes down into the 50s and 60s, occasionally the 40s.

Bud, hope to see you come in later. I worry the IRS took you into custody. You may have had that desk in the wrong place.

Eric, it's rare we see you wrapped up in work with not a million other things going on. Are you bored yet lol?

Stephanie, so nice of you to feed the wounded. Trying to remember where you are headed, Mexico? A familly Thanksgiving? Inquiring minds want to know.

Stan's fishing again so I need to make hay--anyone remember that: Make hay while the sun shines?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. I would like to say it will be changing and I will be back on more.... but this new single mom stuff and demands of work are preventing me from it. I must say I miss all of you and pray for you daily....

Well I dont know the high temperature today but I can guarantee you it will be raining :cry:

Have a great day!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 52 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 70. I guess taking yesterday off the bike worked out pretty well. I would have faced a serious headwind both ways, as a front had brought a howling north wind during the night, but by afternoon it was a strong south wind. Today is just the opposite, as I had that strong south wind behind me on the ride in, but the next front is supposed to be here early this afternoon, so it will be a strong north tailwind as I ride home. The wind changes seem to come fast and furious this time of year.

Yes, I survived the great IRS inspection. Stephanie, the tackle business hasn't amounted to much, yet. It would be nice if it's making a little more when I retire.

I was going to start a second Wednesday's Air just to give Judy a hard time, but thought better of it. Have a great day, all!

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Well the sun is just rising here and I can hear the rooster calling.

Judy with all the fishing that Stan is doing, you may need to get a big AC unit and turn your entire house into a freezer !

You are a stranger Heidi. Nice of you to stop by when you get a chance.

Bud hopefully your tackle business pick's up. Hey maybe Stan will be your best customer.

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Good morning all,

It was 40 degrees at 7 a.m., very mild. Oh Judy I would be shivering in my boots with no heat at 50 -60.... Well I guess that toughens you up for when you travel, the cold doesn't seem that bad then (not). LOL..

Not much going on working today and eye Dr. after. Need to get contacts working right, it is now 1 1/2 years and I still am fighting with these eyes. Nothing glasses would not fix, but I am to stubborn to wear them. That is why my zodiac sign is Taurus...

Bud glad the IRS went away with no scuffs to you.. It sounds like Eric really wanted to visit you in jail. LOL... I wonder if they serve stuffed shells there?

Hi Calintay and welcome back. Single parenthood and working makes it extremely difficult. I work and have a 15 1/2 yr old and I struggle to find time also. I can't imagine what it is like to be Single also...:)

Take care all and have a great afternoon.


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Morning all, made it in to work late after getting some work done on the car - I miss my Chevy - why oh why was that Toyota such a pretty blue. I am usually at work by about 7 a.m. so the 8ish traffic was a shock. Now I know why I started coming in so early.

If I lived in Florida I think I could see myself sitting near a fisherman and reading a lot of books (- I'm not one for fishing but I do enjoy the 'nature quiet' that goes with it. -) Of course, I'm just as happy in the Cafe or on the Farm now that I think of it - which may be why all those books are piling up. (For those you you who don't Facebook - I'm saying I'm happy playing facebook games too.)

I am glad to see that Bud survived the IRS - and dreading that this year is almost over again isn't it time is flying. That said - I hope everyone has a great Wednesday - it's the middle of that awful 5 days that separates the 2 good ones.


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Good afternoon, I never post here but read everyday. Figured I better post or be considered a stalker.

Beautiful day here, after horrendous thunder storms (I know it is November) last night. Big winds and debris all over the place. Of course, I am in work and can not enjoy the wonderful weather.

It has been many years since I needed your advice and thoughts but every time I think I should move on, I realize that I feel that I know all of you and you have become cyber friends.

Only work 2 days a week, just enough to support my obsessive golf habit.

Judy, green with envy of your KW weather and I too would need mucklucks and parkas for 40 degree weather.

Bud, how many miles to work?

Is Judy Mich in Hawaii now?

Just downloaded Emeril's potato casserole for Tday. Going to son's and they have about 20 and they only make 5 lbs. of potatos - everyone gets a teaspoon. So going to make this which will serve 24.

Enjoy your day.

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Evening All,

Just on 8.00pm here,weather today,overcast but dry and mild.Isnt it nice to see so many visitors on line today?Hi Heidi,welcome home,pull up a chair,relax,take off your shoes and give us your patter.

Hey Bud was the IRS guys parting shot one of Big Arnies "I,ll be back"? I am really pleased that you are off the hook (get it?)

Hi Judy,I just cannot find the time to get bored,but its really not for me anyway.I hope Stan brings home some nice big juicy Mutton Snappers,I really love that name,I always visualize a sheep with an oversized set of teeth in its mouth.

Hi Stephanie,gosh your family has been a bit unlucky recently with accidents,poor Sil? and your Dad too,hoping they are doing well and recovering.Think you could really do with a two week break,so enjoy yourself, p.s. what is or are cooties?

Well nothing much to tell you about today,maybe this will turn out to be the calm before the storm,just about to pick up Anthony Beevor's book D-Day,really enjoying it,then its off to bed.See you to-morrow.

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Hi all,

I'm so sorry, I've been so MIA for the last month. Went through a very rough time with hubs, and then the trip to Hawaii added new stresses to an already bad situation.

I'll write a post about it, but just wanted to say HI all. It's 80 here in Oahu, and beautiful. Will be here for 3 more days heading home Saturday night.

Hope everyone is doing well. Lookng forward to getting caught up.

Take care all,

MI judy in Hawaii

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