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Morning All! Yes, I am up way too early. Temps dropped to 44 degrees last night and I woke at 5-something. I put the heat on in the front of the coach before I went to sleep because it's so noisy. That usually warms the back too but not this morning. I promise not to complain in KW when it's 64 when I wake up. That's what the am temp was there this morning. Expected high today here 70 degrees.

Work here in the office today. Hope to get the tedious parts of the bookkeeping done. My reward will be to go out and do a couple of more errands--that means shopping lol. Don't usually work well on 6 hrs or less sleep so we will see.

Hope you have a great day and stay warm whereever you are. Stephanie, we miss you! She's on a 2-wk getaway but we haven't heard from Donnie again in ages. Hello, where are you????

That reminds me. Eric Dominick plays the basson at school. I got to see it and hear it last night. What a beautiful instrument! He also takes piano lessons and has a keyboard that is parked right next to his computer. That's where you will frequently find him parked with his headphones on. He's had only a few lessons but it amazing what he's taught himself on the computer.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning,

Judy in KW you are up early. I vote you take a nap later.

Temperature is 23 degrees here. 44 degrees is like 20 degrees for you when you are use to KW temps.

Judy in MI you were correct, it went from the 40's the other day right to 23 degrees. Yikes. Also loved that Christmas song. It was fun seeing the snow, by the end of the day it was all gone. Sounds like you had some accumulation.

Bud I do need to add to your post yesterday. I can relate to the feeling you get from where you work. I also deal with a lot of challenges now. The worse part is I have to work for another 20 years. The cancer is bad enough without having people assume the worse... I feel like career wise I am done....Unless I change my identity and move to Japan...LOL...I am with Eric I am praying for that Lottery ticket....LOL.. Eric when is your interview rescheduled for. I am so glad they are willing to come on another day. They know a great person when they meet one!

Well I guess right about now Bruce is chasing around some cows. LOL MALE of course....LOL.

Have a great day all.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 43 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 69.

Ann, good to hear from you. I hope your cold is better today. I had my cold from hell last month, so I'm hoping I'm done with that for the winter.

I suspect that drivers here are worse on snow and ice than the rest of you see. We don't get it very often, so hardly anyone can drive on it. We have lots of four wheel drive vehicles here, and their drivers have figured out that they can go better on snow and ice than the rest of us. What they haven't figured out is that they can't stop any better than anyone else, so they run over everything when it snows. I come to work early enough that I have no problem getting to work in it. But, when it happens in the afternoon, I have to share the roads with all the idiots who are sideways, so it becomes a challenge to get home.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all! Looks to be a good day today on the Air! Libby, you are right, you see we get that Lake Effect snow. The cold air came over from your neck of the woods, and as it blew over Lake Michigan, which is warmer, it created all that condensation, and we have about 5 inches right now. But 5 inches is not a big deal on the West side of Michigan. We start to be concerned when it gets to be 24 inches. We have an amazing road cleaning crew, with a huge budget, so that they get things cleared pretty good. The nice thing when you get so much snow is that if you do go off the road, all you hit is a big old snow bank!

It's still snowing today, and my husband is driving home from S. Dakota. So I always say a little extra prayer for safe driving and clear roads for him. He's with a buddy, so that helps.

I asked him how many pheasants is he bringing home for me to freeze, and throw away 2 years from now. Six he said. LOL. I wish I knew how to prepare this kind of bird, but even if I drown it in cream of mushroom soup, it just tastes dry to me.

Bud, I know what you are talking about. When I was with Lucent Technologies, we relocated an office from New York to Atlanta. The Northern folk complained and wailed about the Southern folk when they'd get a sprinkling of snow or ice. It was so funny to hear their stories. Of course, if you are not used to it, it's going to be a challenge to get around in it. It is here, and we are used to it!

KW Judy, I vote for the nap too. Today is my easy day. I only work at Gilda's Club tonight, so I slept in until 10. It was glorious!

Speaking of Gilda's, I mentioned on cancergrace that I was a lung cancer mentor, and one of the doctor's mentioned that he never heard of that before. If any of you live near a Gilda's Club, I highly encourage you to find out if they could use a lung cancer mentor. The people I'm working with are so frightened, and it's so rewarding to share hope with them and hear the relief in their voices. If I had to get lung cancer, I'm so glad I get the opportunity to help others with it. Very rewarding.

I need to get back to Cancergrace and thank everyone. The messages they sent me were so positive and encouraging. I hope they help the woman I'm working with right now.

Have a great rest of the day.

Judy in MI

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What happened to the rain we were supposed to have - but we may get flurries on Sunday - so I better be careful driving home from work today - lol.

I have to jump on the "cancer at work" train too. Think about my experience - I had surgery in June 2009 came back to work and then had surgery in August 2009. I have lost so much trust and work on so few projects now they are worried I may break. And we all know I am fine except for those few days/week or so before a scan until the results. Few people understand how much getting some of the old "normal" means to us. Drives me bonkers sometimes.

I know it's only Thursday - but I am anxiously waiting for the weekend - too much family last weekend - need a restful one now.

Hope that everyone endures whatever weather takes them home today.


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just after 3.30pm here,turned out beautiful,-4 degrees though but sunny bright blue skies,they forecast to-night in some parts of Scotland it will reach -22 degrees.Well the snow plough cleared Sutherland Drive yesterday,wasnt perfect driving conditions but I made it to the shops for bread and milk,unfortunately there was no gritter follow up,snowed again last night,only three inches though,tried my car on the road surface but there was an ice base under the snow and I couldnt get any traction,in fact it took me ages to get the car back into my drive.

So here I am in my study,enjoying another day off work,west of Airdrie seems to have escaped with only a light dusting of snow,so Anniesland College is working normally,I heard something ammounting to a veiled threat,that senior management are compiling a list of names of those persons who have failed to turn up for work due to inclement weather,well I consider myself honest and beyond reproach,they may end up with their little burned fingers if I am called into question.I did manage to walk round to my local general store to-day,its about half the distance to Airdrie station,so with a bit more effort I will try to-morrow to get a train if my car cannot make it.Problem with the trains is so many have been cancelled,they are so unreliable just now,also if I do get into work theres no guarantee I can easily get home.

Hi JudyKW,Ooops sorry left the silent K off from Dominick's name, I keep doing that,a bassoon?this is a first, Ive never heard of anyone who plays the bassoon before,come to think of it I dont remember if I have ever heard one played solo before,only as part of an orchestra,prsume it to produce low mellow notes?I asked Sally about Zucchinni,shes not sure either but thinks its a type of pasta?eggplant also a mystery-a type of veggie?I told Sally we should expand or diet a bit,porridge, haggis and haddock is all very well, but.

Hi Libby,thank you, thats so nice of you,Emma has been be online offering me next of the following Mondays or Tuesdays,I told her I had such a sad boring little life,she should choose her bst option,since I will fit in with any of her suggestions,weather permitting of course,I have never in all my life here in Scotland experienced anything like this,and the Artic conditions seem set to continue.I tell you if I win the Lottery,there will be a LUNGevity party like you have never seen before,one can dream can't they.Now about looking forward to another twenty years of working,at best I now have only three and a bit left,would have been happy to retire prior to my dx,however spending a few months at home during and after my treatment,also in the winter months I was so glad to get back to work and a bit of normality,mind you it was before I discovered LUNGevity.I do wish you Libby twenty more working years,albeit happy ones,perhaps doing something different that you can get more fullfilment from.

Hi Bud,If you want,why dont you come over to Scotland,I have a spare room, its just brill just now to practice driving skills on snow and ice,just think next time it snows in Texas you can impress the neighbours with your driving prowess.

Good night everyone,dinners ready,bye.

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So, who wants to join me on the Friday countdown team? I am really looking forward to the weekend! LOL....I always say that so I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it from me. But....we only go around once and one can never have too many Fridays!!!

My body and this cold are really struggling. My body is trying its best to send this cold packing but the cold seems to like it here and wants to stay. So....the battle continues. If my stuffies and coughing haven't improved by tomorrow, I may be off to see the doctor. Bud, thanks for thinking of me.

Judy....get some sleep! You need to bundle up tonight and sleep late in the morning. There's nothing like a nice warm blanket to keep you in bed on a chilly morning. The news last night said that another cold front is supposed to hit us just as this one begins to move out, so it may be chilly here for a couple of weeks.

So great to read everyone's posts today! I love it when we fling open all the windows and shout out through the cool AIR.


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Ann, I don't mind starting my countdown early. It's now just under 20 hours until my weekend starts!

Pixie is now almost 10 months old. This will be her first Christmas. She tried on a sweater for the first time yesterday. She's such a live wire that Rose was certain she'd work her way out of it quickly, but she loved it, and wore it all evening.



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