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Original Tumor is Growing


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Mom had scans last week which showed potential growth in her lung, and they did a PET scan Monday to determine if it was scar tissue or new growth. Unfortunately the PET scan indicated the original lung tumor is growing.

Since Mom's original tumor was a mixed histology of Adenocarcinoma (NSCLC) and SCLC, they will be doing a broncoscopy Monday to determine the type. Her Onc has said they will do six rounds of chemo and the cocktail will be determined once they know the type of cancer they are dealing with.

She has also been dealing with recovery from a hip fracture this summer and is have a filter put in today for blood clots they've found in her leg. With this and long term effects of her previous, rigorous treatment, Mom is certainly not as strong as she had been for her initial round.

And so we enter this next phase of the journey! As I recently posted, we remain thankful for how well she has done and will continue as we have - with faith in God and one day at a time.


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Hi Nicole,

Sorry to hear about your Mums latest set back,shes certainly had her share hasnt she?.Please can you pass on my regards to her.I will be thinking of her on Monday as she has her Brontoscopy,I didnt particularly "enjoy" that procedure,although some people seem to breeze through it.Hope the further treatments envisaged for your Mum goes well and have a great outcome.Bye for now,and look after yourself as well.

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I am so sorry to hear about you mom. Send her my regards. Sound like she is very lucky to have you as a daughter and I do hope that the treatments will be easy on her. Nothing to do with cancer is easy. Like you said take it one day at a time and keep the faith in god.

Keep us updated.


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Yes, please keep us updated. I like your attitude of being thankful for how well she has done. Keepthat up. It's important that we count the good days and treasure them for what they are, and not worry about what's to come. We have no control over that, and we need to just count the blessings we have today.

Praying for the best.

Judy In MI

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Nicole I will certainly be keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayer's. We have followed your Mom's journey through your post on here. She always was up for the battle and kept her great sense of humor. I am sure she will persevere in this next phase as well. Take care.

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