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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Chilly in the 50's again this morning. Sorry you folk up there in the cold country. I don't envy you.

Airs like yesterday are such a joy! I know we are all busy with holiday preps but it's so nice to hear from so many of you.

I worked here in the home office all day yesterday so Christmas is still largely pending. We have the tree and pointsettas on the stairs and little else. It's o.k., three more days lol. I am getting excited for Wendy and Dominick to get here.

I wanted to tie up some loose ends in the office this morning, do some tidying up around the house and spend some time this afternoon fixing myself up a little to go to group. I have not felt so unattractive in awhile. In addition to the skin issues and being sick and debilitated for so long, I got a bad haircut the last time I went to the stylist. Makes me so mad. You know how it is ladies. When your hair is awful, you just can't feel right lol.

Sorry, no time to address each of you but know I love each and every one of you and enjoy reading every post. Stan threw a screw into my day. Have to take him in to drop a vehicle off for a repair. I needed one more thing to do. Oh yeah, and then there is picking it up sigh.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy! I'm sure you look beautiful - you just think you don't. But when you think you don't then it affects your whole outlook. It's 33 here in North Carolina. Not too bad. Our weather men are actually forecasting a white Christmas for us. We've only had 2 since they started keeping records back in the 1800s. I'm done shopping but still have a few things to wrap. I have to laugh at my husband. He saids "I'll be glad when Christmas is over. It's too nerve wracking." Of course I look at him and say "why is it nerve wracking for you??? I do all the shopping. I do all the wrapping. I do all the writing out of the cards." Silly man. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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It is still hovering around freezing her in Richmond. I am looking forward to a long weekend followed by a long weekend. There just isn't enough time in the day to do everything you need to do since I was gonna do some heavy duty cleaning. But I had an executive board meeting with myself and we voted to hold off until next year for any cleaning. They we followed that up with a vote for not doing any heavy cleaning in years that are uneven. Ummm - well I'll have to wait til next December's meeting to see what they want to do then. Since I am the only one on the executive board - you can see where the vote will probably go.

One less thing to worry about. (I amuse myself.)

Hope everyone is getting their preparations / shopping / etc. finished up for Christmas.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83. No white Christmas forecast here, although they are calling for it to be chilly, at least the Texas definition of chilly, with a low of 27 degrees, and only getting up to 50.

Wow, a busy day on the Air yesterday. Eric, it's really just the middle of pecan gathering season right now. Last year, I was still bringing home many good ones at the end of January. It's just not going to be a good year for pecans, it seems.

Paulette, your husband's nerves get frazzled just from watching all the running around you're doing. It's the same principle that makes Annette tired when I ride.

KW Judy, your posts are starting to seem more chipper. I hope that means you're feeling a lot better. Have a great day, all!

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Really nice here this morning with only a temperature of -20C/-4F. The forecast has it getting warmer all week until Christmas day when it should reach -6. That is almost unheard of here in December. Will be nice for snowmobiling.

It is really nice in the nightime out here in the country away from the City lights. With a full moon and the snow, it is so light you do not even need a light to go out for a walk. I noticed the tracks yesterday where a moose walked by my house the night before. Maybe it was reindeer tracks!!! A bonus of living so far up north is that Santa get's here early. LOL So Eric you better behave over there or I might have to speak to Santa about you. LOL Take care everyone.

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Well I guess I will try again. Wrote a post and when I hit post it got lost.

Warm and humid in Southeast Louisiana this morning. Weather here is always a rollercoaster. Another blast of cold air expected for Christmas Day.

Having a good time but am really missing my home, my things and my routine. I enjoy my family but there really is no place like home. I guess I am too set in my ways.

Going out a lot this week, Chuck E Cheese last night and tonight Osaka for my grand daughter Erica's birthday celebration. Caroline and her share their birthday. Next year and the next 3 they will not be here. When Jack gets back from Afghanstan they will move a few months later. He is being stationed in Italy for 3 years. The babies will be grown when I see them again.

I will be doing some of my favorite and my families favorite dishes for Christmas eve at my grand daughter Alison's house and to add to Christmas dinner, Christmas eve chicken and cheese empanadas and cinnamon pecan danish. I will make my banana nut whip cream cake and cole slaw for Christmas day.

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be heading home. I will miss my family but so look forward to having my own things again.

So for now I want to wish you all a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas. May our loses not weigh too heavy on our hearts and may a cure be found in the New Year. I saw a story on a vaccine trial last night that does sound hopeful.

No matter where you live or what your customs may God grant you Pease and love.

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Were we the only ones looking at the eclipse last night? It was cold so I only checked a couple of times (and I needed to go to sleep.) Despite the overcast, it was easy to see. I wish I had looked once more a bit later - I guess it looked red at some point. It was fun to talk to our neighbor in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow's the doc appointment - hope they have results in hand. Seems stupid to call today to find out and not ask WHAT? Will be more stupid to get there and not have a report.

M is coordinating catering for a party Xmas Eve - 75-100 people? The host isn't sure how many people she invited. Her house ain't exactly big. He'll do some cooking, pick up a bunch of stuff, and has a server to assist. Me? I'll hide in a corner somewhere.

Boxing Day at his daughter's house - should be reasonable as far as company and effort.

Lily - if you haven't been to Italy, start planning a visit as soon as possible. It's a long plane ride, but worth it.

Judy - your last line - I thought you said you were picking up the sleigh!

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Hi Everyone! Another big AIR day! Awesome! I love all of you too, and so enjoy reading the posts.

Judy, I totally relate to the hair thing. My last cut was so short that I felt like I looked like a boy. Couldnt wait for it to grow out a bit!

Paulette, how funny about your husband! And Bud's response to it! All I can say is "mine too".

Annette, I like the way your Executive Board works! :-) So funny and cute!

Bruce, I love how you think -4F is warm. LOL! KW Judy is probably just shaking her head at that. This Michigander thinks -4 is cccccccccccccccoooooolllllllldddddd! But glad you are enjoying it! I'll bet it is so beautiful. We live in the boonies, and at night, we get to enjoy the beauty of the moon and stars without city lights, and it's awesome.

Lily, travel safe. I treasure that feeling when I'm finally at "home" from traveling.

ts, we knew about the eclipse, but 4:00AM EST is not in my vocabulary, so we missed it. Today is supposed to be the "shortest" shortest day of the year. Guess it happens every 400 years!

We have had beautiful weather here, and are so thankful as we see the devastation in California, England, and elsewhere. It's been about 30 here with very little snow. We had a very mild December, weather wise, and that is awesome. I'll try not to complain when that changes in January! :wink:

Judy in MI

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I lost a post the other day and I think I figured out how it happens. Days like today when the board is nice and busy - there is a slight chance that when you hit submit someone else did too - and if that happens only one shows up and the other is lost. I know notepad is a good idea but I never think of it. I do however highlight my whole post and hit {Ctrl + C} for copy and then if for some reason it is lost all you have to do is restart your "reply" and {Ctrl + V} for paste it in this box. Has saved me twice so far.

Bud, you mean it doesn't count as exercise for me when you ride to work.....hmmm I may have to come up with an executive board memo on exercise in addition to the cleaning one.

Is it really only Tuesday....


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Good Evening All,

Isnt it great when everyone turns up for the Air?Well I finish for my hols to-morrow at 3.00pm officially,but through personal re-arrangements to the timetable,I may follow Annettes advice in making an executive descision to augment 3.00pm to something more reasonable,say lunchtime?.Oh the weather,scraping the ice off my car every morning,before setting off,Airdrie was minus 9 degrees C this morning,who do they think I am, Bruce?Please God give us Airdrieonians a break.We are in Scotland not Canada.Bud, for goodness sake, Please-83 degrees F ,do you really have to rub it in,pass me the fur coat will you?

JudyKW,Listen,bad hair days?,little sores here and there?feeling a bit un-attractive?hey Ive gone a bit gray,and a bit overweight,little wrinkles here and there,does it really matter when you are with friends who love you, for what you are?give us a smile and say the hell with it I am going to have the best Christmas ever,sharing with everyone here and Stan,Dominick and Wendy and the rest of the family,there dont you feel brill?

Hi Paulette,you little rascal,fancy accusing the male sex of making a paultry committment to Christmas preparations,OK,I plead guilty to exactly the same "crimes" as your better half,but we have other roles to perform,pouring the drinks for the male buddies,sharing ribald jokes with them,having one too many and embarrasing you in front of all your friends, but its all to do with genetics,this is what males are made for,so look on the bright side your husband is totally normal,there isnt that nice to know.

Bruce,your evening sky reminds me of visiting my older brother at his remote house in Glenstrathfarrer, in the north of Scotland,being miles from anywhere,there is no city light pollution,one evening by moonlight we climbed to the top of one of the surrounding hills,the sky was just breathtaking,ablaze with stars,billions of them,I really felt I was floating in space,I have never seen anything like it before or since,so on that point alone, I really envy your location,tell you what,if I were you,I would take up astronomy as a hobby and buy a decent telescope,you know loads of amateurs have had comets named after them.

Judy MI,yes in a similar vein,I missed the eclipse also,for the same reasons,our skies were overcast,anyway hope your unusual mild December weather continues.

Think I have rambled on long enough,catch you later everyone,bye.

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OK...here we go again!!! I posted a nice, long message this morning and when I can back...it's not here. So, this will be a nice, short post...lol!

Just wanted to say it's so nice to hear from everyone today and to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!!

Shopping is finished but nothing is wrapped. By the time I get that done, my back will be killing me!!! I still have to do my grocery shopping but I do have my meat ordered from the butcher already.

But,,,,this is the best news ever....We're closed on Thursday!!! This means tomorrow is my Friday and I am ready to begin my official countdown!!!

Love you all !!!

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Wow, big air day. Very cold here in SE PA and very dry. I don' like cold, but I love dry.

Worse day of the year, it is the shortest amount of daylight. Albeit, tomorrow is my favorite, 1 minute more of daylight.

Annette, you crack me up. It is tough to make those executive decisions.

It is against the law to get bad news during the week before Christmas, so we can only get good news this week. That being said, my friend woke up at 4:00 Sunday morning to find her 34 year old son dead in his bed. Don't know the reason yet but no parent should lose a child.

The only shopping I still have to do is at the Wine and Spirits shop. PA is a liquor controlled board state, so we have special stores for wine and liquor and yet different stores for beer. It is so very handy.

Eric, my good friend is from Lockerbie. I checked your location as to hers and you are not close at all. I love talking with her, her accent is terrific. Nothing is small, it is all wee. She has her doctorate in chemisty, very smart lady. I can spell kemistree.

Ann, I only work tues and wed, but it is a command performance for me to show up at the Christmas luncheon here at work. Very inconvenient since I will be late for a family lunch.

Keep warm.

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Annette, what a great solution for the disappearing post! I will try to remember to do that. I keep forgetting the notebook thing too. But your solution won't work when I hit a wrong key and lose it before I'm finished.

Stephanie, sounds like a busy time, for M at least lol. I was just telling my husband that I can't hear about an eclipse without thinking about the time his older sister and I sat outside in NJ in chaise lounges watching for the eclipse. It was so overcast, we never did see it but we had so much fun out in the driveway, we didn't care. Of course that must have been 40 yrs ago when I didn't need so much sleep.

Hate to overlook anyone. Trust me, I talked to each of you in the "lost post." Anyway Ann, watch for the Air tomorrow. If I get there first, I'll do the subject in all caps in honor of your early Friday.

Nite all.

Judy in KW

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