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Let's Play a New Game - Things You Love


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Time for a new game to help pass these cold, dreary days.

Use the last letter of the word in the post above you as the first letter in a new word. The words should be something you like or love.

I'll start:


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So I missed the E - but there was a tie with Eating and Eric so do I do the G or the C

Gilmore Girls - - The DVD I'm watching while lounging in bed all day sick

Cocoa - I had a cup earlier - now I'm working on hot tea..and my second box of Kleenex!

And then Eric posted ... Grapes

So I guess I get the S

so I say....

Sunshine!!!!!!! (Which I didn't even realize was the starting word - and trust me I did read it)

So I say,

Shower - - Long Hot Relaxing Shower!

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Hamden Park,Scotlands National Football Stadium,(in Glasgow)nothing better on the Planet than watching Scotland beating England at Football.

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