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Monday's air


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It's Monday, where is everybody??

Eric, I have lost the keg bus. It was bound to happen, as often as I lose my keys, that one day I would lose the vehicle. I have put up fliers in the local area to see if anyone has seen the party bus cruising down the roads...

Facebook has a "status shuffle" that pops out random phrases and sayings to use as your status. Found the perfect one a couple of days ago:

You know you're blonde when you're sitting in your driver's seat with the car started and the radio on and you're digging through your purse to find your car keys...

I know it says blonde, and I fit that category, but I think most of the extreme forgetfulness is drug induced, sadly. I'm sure you non-blondes out there can attest to that.

I also liked this one, so very fitting:

<-- would like to inform everyone that Helen Waite is now my assistant. So if you need anything, just go to Helen Waite.

But seriously... I'm here, and well. Before my oncologist spoke to me, I told him that either way he was giving me bad news - either it was back or I was going on a diet. He laughed, and asked me what diet plan I was going to follow.

Larry watched the Super Bowl, I was game for the commercials and was applying for jobs online while doing so. Crazy, how one doesn't have to leave the house to pound the pavement. Heck, even the local McDonald's hires online only! I don't understand how people that can't get an order right when you are the only customer are computer-savvy enough to log in and send in a worthy job application! Really.

I've been offline due to many household moves and finding out that the last move was to a half mile outside of civilization. Yes, the pavement ends before you get to my house, as does the cable wire, DSL and any other lower-priced high speed connection options. I have a slow wi-fi connection and a satellite dish for TV. Off the grid, I think it is. Shoulda known when I pass an Amish school house every day to get home and about 10% of traffic down the road is horse and buggy. :roll:

So, what have I missed? Has everyone played nicely?

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Morning All! Third try takes all the enthusiasm out of it but hey there Becky Snowflake, you made my day. I'm sorry you've been "away" under those circumstances. I understand. Remember I'm the one who stays in an RV in cowpastures in Indiana. You have my sympathies. But WOOO HOOO on your scans. Way to go girl! We have become quite a chatty bunch with some of use coming on the Air multiple times of day. I think that overall we play nice but you know when Bruce is involved...well, some of us just can't help being a little naughty. Bruce you bring that out in women lol.

I had a bit of a funky night Saturday and a not so great Sunday. The only good thing that happened was I completed online registration and printed our boarding passes for our cruise! Hopefully today will be a better day. I know tomorrow will be if Gail has made it down. I still haven't heard from her.

My "hat" photo showed up on the shopkeep's website but I'm having that problem again. One time I can post a pic from photobucket, next time no. It's on facebook. If anyone wants to do it for me, I'll email it to you. I'd love to use it as my new avatar.

Hope you all didn't eat toooooo much at those SB parties last night. I know some of you at least are happy with the results of the game.

Judy in MI, it seems this was the first seizure in awhile. Hopefully it was just triggered by the stress of the upcoming scans that over-rode the medicine.

If you look in Obituaries, our member David Fourer passed away yesterday. Ned posted a link to his online photo show. It's awesome. Go take a look.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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It's that day of the week again - ~sigh~ - how does it get here so fast. I was watching football last night and now I'm at work. Judy you have to remember to to a quick ctrl A and ctrl C - just in case. Since we are getting so chatty I have land and almost lost my post numerous times.

I also agree with you about the stress causing Judy's spasm - after almost knocking it out it is horrible to read about it happening again - but once BOTH scans come back good the great big sigh will let those things go (all of us will have a big sigh with you!)

Snowflake - I believe we had several things to celebrate (if anyone can remember) and we were waiting for you to come back and drive snowflake - so if who ever is responsible for putting it away could confess now....

And boy are you gonna be glad you came back when you did. You are, of course, invited the EVTBT.... (the Exercising Vicariously Through Bud Team).... He rides his bike to work and we cheer for him - therefore we have exercised. It really is great fun, and we are still in the planning stages for the mascot / logo. I believe it will be Bruce on his llama wearing a Jimmy Buffet teeshirt and flip flops. (Unless I missed something.) I am so sure that I have left many important things out - but I should let someone else have the fun in bringing you up to date.

I believe sadly it is time for me to go play in the sandbox with the other children for a while. Work ~sigh~ calls.

I'll check back in later - missing lots of peoples posts this weekend looking forward to fun stories of great weekends to get us through the ....week.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning, my first ride in a week. Forecast high is 43. They've already issued a winter storm watch for Wednesday here. We're supposed to be back in the deep freeze, and get iced down again with freezing rain.

Welcome back, Becky! We have indeed been a chatty bunch in the Air lately.

MI Judy, it is tempting to think that the stress before your scans caused the spasms. Let's hope that's all it is.

Stephanie, do you have a written recipe for that granola? I'd like to see it if you do.

I better get back to work. I hope you're feeling better today, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome back Becky! Our daily airs have become quite the chatty place. If you go back a week, you'll have enough reading material to keep you very busy! LOL! As for where you live? Same with me. I do have a paved road, but only because we paved it! I have satellite TV and a Verizon air card for data. Cable said they'd run the cable down my road for $5000. Yikes!

Thanks for all the well wishes and concerns. The spasm was truly baffling. The medication has worked so well, but this was incredibly painful, and my ribs hurt so bad. I'd like to blame it on stress too, so I will. But honestly, I am not that stressed. I hate the tests just for what they stand for, but I don't feel fear about it. Or maybe I do subconsciously and don't realize it??? Who knows.

Bud, it's about time you rode to work! The EVTBT team was starting to gain weight due to your inactivity! No more ice for Texas. We need Bud's exercise! Annette, I noticed you said Bruce would be our logo on a llama, with a Jimmy Buffet shirt and flip flops, but you missed something extremely important. PANTS!!!!! I believe we had him wearing shorts because that would be so bizarre with the climate he lives in. LOL

KW Judy, sorry you had a funky Saturday night and Sunday. Here's the best way I found to get photos here without a problem. Upload the photo to http://photobucket.com. There it assigns a url to the photo. Go to DIRECT LINK and highlight the link and copy it. Come here and go to the and copy and paste the link in between the img thingys. That works every time. I was trying to get photos from My Pictures on here and it didn't work. I'm going to try it here just to see if it works.


If it worked, this is my husband and I in Alaska 3 years ago. The hair is a wig as I was in the middle of chemo. But I love this picture. Randy has such a sweet look on his face, it warms my heart to look at this.

Well, today is a slow day! No longer doing the volunteer thing on Mondays, so am going to look for something new to do. My husband has a radio show he puts on with a friend. Think I'm going to take over doing their web site. That would be fun!

Well, got to go. I'll probably visit back to see who else pops in here!

Judy in MI

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Well we are at the time of year with cold nights and warming up by the afternoon's. This morning it is -31C/-24F and going to -13C/9F this afternoon. So it is consulting work on computer this morning and outside chores this afternoon.

Now Judy I don't think that I can take the credit for bringing out the naughtiness in you ladies. LOL Didn't Annette just have me in a logo with no pants on before Judy MI reminded her ???? Thanks Judy MI. LOL And I am well familiar with Becky's one liner's especially when we had the chatroom here. Welcome back Becky.

Judy I hope Gail did make it because I know that she was certainly looking forward to spending the day with you. But both of you ladies together ??? Stan should keep his cell phone nearby in case he has to post bail for both of you. LOL Take care.

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Wait a minute - I never said he wasn't wearing pants. For goodness sakes - next thing you know his tractor cab will turn into one of those dancing cages.....and we will have to throw dollars at him. Let's put him in some form of pants - gotta match the rest of the outfit - - how about some of those old fashioned riding pants.

I think we may have gotten a little off track with this mascot thing - somebody has to come on a reel us back in. Is there no voice of reason here - have we all taken up the comedy -


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How is it I knew you'd be interested in the granola? I used the recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (it's included so that you can make granola bread, but awfully good granola if you don't mind the free flowing type - versus the clumpy sweet kind.) I believe they recently posted it online, so I will see if I can link it here:


I used a bit less honey and maple syrup (just a little less) and forgot the water (what is that for?) and put the liquid ingredients in a measuring cup in the microwave for 20 seconds to make them easier to stir. Baked it a bit longer in one pan - till the pecans looked like they might get too dark, the rest was golden. Stir every ten minutes. Hmm, I did not see that it called for sunflower seeds - the book doesn't. M's already asked where the rest of the batch is - in a jar out of his regular view! I told him.

It was very easy to make.

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Re: the pants.

There are some little old widows (I am only the last word, certainly not little and I refuse to be old) on this site they may prefer our Mascot pantless. Just one woman's opinion,

Judy, when do you leave on your cruise. Hope you and Stan have a fantastic time.

Judy, may that spasms just be a superbowl fluke.

It is only 65 days until my golf league starts. Am I an optimist to be counting down already.

Have book club tonight and I didn't like the book at all, called Half a Life by Darin Strauss. And I know some of my friends liked it. Oh well, I will be generous and give it an 80 when I would really like to give it a 35.

We should start a book club here. We can read while Bud is biking.

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LOL LOL LOL What fun is this! I don't know who/what is funniest but Bruce in a cage...woooo hoooo! I laughed so hard as the fun just went on and on LOL.

Did I miss anything serious? Oh yes, Bud thank goodness you can bike again. I'm afraid my dear you will suffer withdrawal, never mind the rest of us getting fat. Recall my Total Gym is sitting here broken waiting for parts I ordered so I'm definitely in that club now.

And Stephanie, that granola didn't peak my interest until you mentioned pecans and baking it. I will definitely check it out as a alternative to the season pretzel pieces bake we sometimes do.

Gail called, we're on for noon tomorrow! She is the sixth member of LCSC I've managed to visit on my travels. Now one has finally travelled my way. How cool is that!

Judy in KW

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Hi All,

Absent from call again,sorry,just dropped by before heading out for work (Tuesday 6.30am)Just knew it Becky's back all sense of sobriety and decorum would be thrown out the window here,Pantless Bruce?wheres everyones sense of modesty gone?,behave yourselves,anyway Bruce I have this TuTu here, I no longer have any use for,think it would look much better on you.

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