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Doc Rodgers introduction

Doc Rodgers

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I just discovered Lungevity after a local article about by me and my lung cancer on Tuesday. Katie Brown posted on my Facebook fan page for Real Estate and also tracked by down via the writer of the story. I spoke with Katie over the phone on Friday after going to the Lungevity website and learning what the organization was all about. I am 48 years and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last May. After a month long headache, a brain tumor was discovered with a ct scan. The day before brain surgery was scheduled a body scan found the lung tumor. The biopsy the next day confirmed non small cell lung cancer.

I have had 5 radiation treatments for the original brain tumor. I had one radiation treatment for a very small brain tumor several months later. My chemo treatments started last September. I got a second opinion to confirm the original diagnosis and the had chemo treatments every 3 weeks through October.

My lung tumor had shrunk by 50 % after the 4 treatments and I was given the option of continuing the chemo or discontinuing chemo and getting rescanned in 3 months. I chose the latter. I got a pet ct scan last week and an brain MRI this week and will visted my doctors to review the scans next week.

I feel great and hope the results confirm we have things under control.

I wil paste a link or two with the article to this message.

http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2011 ... nav%7Chead

http://cincinnati.com/blogs/tv/2011/02/ ... c-rodgers/


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Hi Doc!!! I posted to you on FB, but wanted to say a big welcome here! I'm so glad you are feeling great! I also hope you get a good report and find that you do, indeed, have things under control. MUCH progress is being made for LC. Our job is to keep doing what we can until the nexxt best thing comes along!!!! Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing you around here!


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Hi Doc,

Welcome to LCSC,sorry about your dx,boy if anyone can beat this,you can,right mental attitude,fit as a fiddle,non-smoker,non-drinker,eats more salad than meat,you cannot do any better than that,you have my admiration.Only Bud here can match you in the fitness league,we do all our exercising through Bud,he does the work,we lose the lbs,well thats the theory.Hope you keep in touch Doc,we could do with a fitness coach round here,most of us are couch potatoes,watching stupid TV (as its called here)and munch popcorn with salt and butter? sounds a strange snack to me,but I am Scottish,so more at home snacking on Haggis,washed down with Messrs Whyte and Mackay.Hope your scan feedback is brill next week,bye for now.

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