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Wednesday's Air


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Good morning all, at work and bombarded but wanted to get the air started - it was almost not cool this morning. But I am like Judy and turn a heater on if the temperature doesn't start with at least a "7".

I'm so sorry But that it was not easy to post that message - I should have just said send my your emails and I'll forward it to you - but I honestly didn't know - - so I owe you big for that. It was just so cute - the puppy really really looked innocent - didn't he.

So somebody - come on post something funny - we need a laugh - a smile - am I going to have to start a "laugh" exercise - like everybody - smile, everybody smile enough to show those laugh lines, everybody smile that smile that's not really a smile but that tolerates crazy people trying to make you smile, now smile cause I made you smile that smile.

Oh excuse me - some man in a little white suit is knocking on the office door - .... should I hide or should I go.....


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees with a stiff north wind as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 68.

It's Rose's last week of CNA school, and she spent yesterday working in a real nursing home. It was alarming and frustrating to her how tough it was to get anything out of some of the nurses. Some duties, only real nurses are allowed to perform, and a couple of them weren't nearly dedicated enough to suit Rose.

She did get a kick out of one old man, who they were trying to get to take a shower. A male aide was going to help him shower, and he was having none of it. He was telling them that he wanted one of the female aides to help him shower, and just wasn't going to shower with a male aide helping him. If I ever end up in a nursing home, I'm going to try that trick.......LOL.

I hope you're feeling better today, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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One of my very first jobs out of high school was as an aide at a Nursing Home - lordy it was a tough tough job for someone out in the world for the first time - the things I didn't know. I still remember some of the idiosyncrasies of some of the patients - maybe not as good as the shower one - but there are some tough old birds to watch out for everywhere I guess.

Wishing Rose all the best as she works at the new profession - I don't think I would be strong enough to do that - Both of you are good role models for me.


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Shame on you boys - I see absolutely nothing wrong with a male add - in fact I think that is what I would request. (Well - maybe if I thought I still had that body - you know the one that Bud will reach once he loses those 7 pounds for me - not that 7 pounds would help me - I'm thinking 4 times 7 maybe). Then bring on that aide!!!

Smiling - sighing - chuckling!!


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Good Evening All,

Gosh me and my big mouth,just telling you yesterday,that winter has lost its grip in Airdrie,to wake this morning to find the place covered in snow,think Gods got a sense of humour.

Annette,looking for a smile?,well hopefully I can oblige,I have so many of life's anecdotes tucked away in my brain,I am sure I could write a book,by some strange co-incidence my life has had an extra-ordinary link to horses and special needs adults.My previous home was in a rather posh town called Bothwell,in a large detached house,surrounded by fields containing grazing horses and cows.Also adjacent is Kirklands Hospital,whose residents are all special needs patients,so after a period I got to know the cows,horses and the special needs patients,as you would do of course.One evening returning from work,near my home I see Dennis and two of his comrades escorting a rather large horse walking up Fallside Road,so I parked my car and approached them,"Dennis"says I "What on earth are you doing with the horse" "We found the horse Mister" "And where are you going with it" says I,well says Dennis "We thought we would take it up to the shops" "I dont think Dennis thats a very good idea,it could be knocked down by a passing car,why dont we take it back to the field it came from" OK says Dennis,well theres no bridle to hold on to,so with my arms around the horses neck,we do a 180 degree turn and head homewards.Well at that moment,we are overtaken by a police patrol car,it stops wouldnt you know and two policemen emerge,approach me,Dennis and Co at this moment in time are skipping around me and the horse,I am desparately trying to look intelligent and in control,and say I am not really with these persons.In recounting this story to my Langside College colleagues on leaving them at a speech I was delivering on my night out,prior to taking up my new position at Anniesland,I was heckled with remarks from the floor like "Honest officers I am a Lecturer in a College" etc.Well the Police,despite my explaination that I wasnt really a patient of Kirkland hospital, helped me to put the horse back into the field.

I have time for another one,have you?you have? well good on you,Anniesland College,big department offers a wide range of couses,this one now gone some years ago,was teaching special needs adults some creative skills such as ceramics and other craft skills.One day my office door opens,the Lecturer requests me to come and talk to one of his students,Brian,without waiting for any response from me,he leaves my office,so I follow him,stangely he goes into the male toilets?, I enter,Lecturer looking at a despondant Brian says "tell Mr Byrne what you have done",Brian says nothing but points into the WC cubicle, I look,the Wc has been plugged with a big wad of paper towels from the dispenser and then flushed causing a overflow of water all over the the toilet floor."Did you do that Brian" says I. "Yes" says Brian,"Why?" asks Eric,"Dont know" replies Brian."OK Brian,roll up your sleeves and remove all the paper towels"."What me?" enquires Brian,"Yes and right now" says I,so he gets to work,towels from WC into waste paper basket,etc,etc,finally I flush the toilet to ensure its not blocked,it isnt."Brian, you are really lucky the toilet isnt still blocked,otherwise I would have called in a plumber to fix it,and you would have had to pay his bill of £200.He looks me full in the face and innocently says "Mr Byrne,these things happen".I just about wet myself,trying desperately not to laugh in front of Brian.I phoned the home he was from to explain what Brian had done to the Matron,she said Eric this has been going on for months here and we couldnt find out who was doing it,thanks,from now on Brian will be escorted to the Loo.

Goodnight everyone,byee.

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Helloooooo all!

Eric your stories put a big old smile on my face! How cute! Thanks for the great stuff.

Bud I loved what you posted for Annette! That was adorable Annette!

AH the nursing home stories! I worked in a nursing home as an aide from age 16 to 19. I worked in the infirmary, where the eldest, and most needing help were. But it was a Catholic home, and no men were allowed in my section.

I loved working with the elderly women. But the first time I was trained to give one a shower. I was 16, young, and had never observed the female form after age 70. When I saw the effect of the natural force of gravity? Well let's just leave it at that. LOL!

And now, at 56, I am beginning to see that effect. Ack!

Annette, smile exercises? I love that! I did them today. What do you think? 30 calories?

Well, I am much better today. Wowser, yesterday was rough. The cold/flu had it's last day of reckoning I hope. I didn't get out of bed all day, and only had some soup and lots of water. Today I woke up like a new woman!

Randy called to check on me, and when he heard my voice, he was so shocked and happy to hear it! I sound like the old me, almost.

Had my complete physical today too. Blood work good! BP good! And we decided to experiment and have me go off my BP med (a month ago) just to see and it was 114/79. Yeah! One less medication to take. We talked about my allergy medications. We decided to have me go off one of them and see how I do.

I think over the years, the good doctors prescribe medications, and we just take them because they said it would help. Well, that's two meds I am no longer taking. I think if my allergies act up, I'll just try OTC meds and see if they do the job.

When I see the neurologist next month, we are going to see if we can wean myself off the high doses of other meds I'm on. I'm tired of taking a handful of meds in the AM and again in the PM.

I'm going to try to get in here everyday in the next 10 days. But it is the 10 days of Laughfest, and both Randy and I are going to be very busy! I'm filling in at the GR clubhouse much more than usual, because a lot of the staff will be at the events. So I'm a behind the scenes volunteer, and that is fine with me.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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OK Annette,

Another chance to make you smile?

Young lad comes home from school to tell his dad he has been given a part in the school play and that he is to play a man who has been married for 25 years.Dad says,never mind son maybe next year you will get a speaking part.

Since the snow came all my wife has done is look through the window,if it gets any worse,I'll have to let her in.

After years of research,scientists have discovered what makes a woman happy-nothing.

Paddy says to Mick,"I see next Christmas falls on a Friday" Mick replies "Lets hope its not the 13th.

Came home today to find all my doors and windows smashed in and everything gone.What sort of sick person would do that to a advent calendar?.

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Okay, so here's a true story.

My son turned 19 Monday. That would mean Monday was his birthday. Lucky boy, had an appointment with the dentist for fillings. On the way home, I asked him to move his car in the driveway, since I had quickly backed it out of the way three weeks ago when we had the driveway plowed... Happy birthday, kid, the car won't start.

Hubby goes out with the boy to jump start the vehicle. Still wouldn't stay running, so hubby explains about holding down the gas pedal a bit while turning the ignition. After the guys got the car to run, the son was to keep it running for a bit and then move it. I waited ten minutes and signaled him from the house that he could move it....

....so he waves me over, yells that the car won't move. Slide my coat back on, walk out to him and ask him to turn down the radio and turn down the heater. Then, I try REALLY HARD not to laugh, since he's already having a bad day... His car won't move, because it's stalled again!

I had him scoot out and move the car, had to hold the gas pedal down the whole time, the car didn't want to idle, but at least it's out of the way. We'll get it going again, but if he hasn't had anywhere to go in a month, chances are, he has no plans for the next few days...

Did I mention that the boy is also blonde? LOL

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Annette it seems so lonely around here, where has everyone gone. Just recieved 6 inches of sleet/snow. I am hating winter right now.....

Oh I love all the stories. Snowflake (Stephanie I think, although I try not to think too ofen) your car story is too funny. Bud it is difficult to work in a nursing home especially if you have a lot of compassion and are working with people who don't. Love the shower story and it is very true the men want a female to shower them. That is how my husband Dad was and his Uncle. Too Funny. You are going to remember that I can tell. Tell Rose good luck with her new career. Best wishes.

My results came back today. YEAH NED. No changes and everything looks good. Oh thank god. Went I left work today to go to my appointmnet I felt like I was on my way to my own funeral. If was a horrible feeling. I am in much better spirits now.

Well got to get back to finishing this tax return I am working on before I fall asleep. I will check in tomorrow morning.


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We need a program to keep all the players straight:

Snowflake = Becky

ts = Stephanie

But since most of us have some sort of chemo brain or just plain overtaxed, we understand.

Libby - when everyone was wondering where you went, I saw in your profile that you work with the numbers. I was going to suggest that we had lost you to tax season. My powers of deduction (not to be confused with tax deductions) have not been completely lost.

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I am writing down the name or I will forget. LOL I can remember anything to do with numbers but not names.

Your power of deductions was correct. Tax season does get trying although I only do it part-time out of my house I also work another job in the day. I lose a lot of personal time through April.

Plus the stress of test time equals Linda MIA.

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