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One Year ago today


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Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to me! Today is one year since I happened upon this place called Lungevity.

My previous on line forum life was to be a moderator and administrator at a quit smoking web site. I'd been a member there for over ten years. But after my diagnosis of lung cancer, I grew less understanding of those struggling to quit. Not that I don't have the deepest compassion for them, but I've been quit a very long time, and my interest moved from wanting to lend support to a quit smoking site, and instead to a lung cancer survivor site.

I surfed the net and found you guys! And what an amazing year it has been. I've "met" so many amazing people. Some who are here everyday (like me), some who stop in once in a while, and some who popped in when life was really tough, and popped out when it no longer was. I've made friends with some folks that have died. I've made friends with a legion of survivors. In addition, I've been able to get to know other caregivers, for I've been there too. I appreciate all.

THANK YOU to all who have been a friend, cared, and supported me as I've learned to live as a survivor. Don't we all, survivors, and caregivers, have to work through a lot of stuff? How nice to have this place to work through it all.

Hugs to you all!

Judy in Michigan

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How time flies - I look forward to seeing you everyday - I was telling Judy (kw) how much I've grown to count on all the "friends" here to get me through the day - Good and bad I feel like I've become part of so many lives - it's just a great place to be.


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Good Morning Judy,

Happy anniversary,allow me to extend the shelf life of your string,how could I not?.I forgot to look when I joined?,but your arrival here has added to my enjoyment to being here, no end.

Thank goodness for this band of brothers(and sisters)that can maintain the continuity of a daily post,that I never feel alone.There is something a special something about sharing here each day,with you guys,maybe because I am intrigued about all things American,your ways of expressing yourselves?,the frustration of reading about your TV progs that we dont get here,we have our very own stupid TV progs anyway so frustration has not given way to jealousy LOL.

I think it only fair Judy,we give an acknowlegement to the many of our fellow readers who look in each day,but for one reason or another are unable to post in themselves,thank you for having the patience to be bothered to read my personal rumblings,I do hope more of you can take up your trusty pens and join with us,the more the merrier I always say?.

Finally back to Judy,its a pleasure to have met you here,may you post to infinity "Lang may yer Lum Reek".

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Happy Anniversary Judy and may this be the first of many, many.

I really have no reason to be here, but like many, I have made too many 'friends' on this site and need to see how they are doing.

Except, unfortunately, I do have 4 lady friends with lc and one is not doing well and is now on hospice. And just found out that a gentleman acquaintance has been dx'd stage 4.

Thank God for Lungevity. Their spreading the awareness of lc and raising funds for research can only be good.

Thank you for this post.

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Well I'm late as always - but better late than never. Happy Anniversary!! I am one of those who pops in and then out again. But I want to tell you, as well as all the other "regulars", how much it means to me (and I'm sure many others) to know that we can count on all of you to be here when we need a shoulder, or just a laugh.



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