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Tuesday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its just gone 9.00am here,I have been up for hours,silly isnt it I look forward to hols for a longer lie in bed,and I cannot sleep after 6.00am?.Well today could not be better,the suns out there isnt a cloud in the sky to be seen,all the gardens of the neighbours are just a riot of the colours of the spring flowers.

No painting for me today,lots to do,clear the mortgage-yeah,its Jennifers birthday today,she phoned last night to invite us to an Indian restaurant in a district of Glasgow called the Merchants City,its the oldest district in Glasgow,lots of old buildings mixed in with new up market yuppies flats,far too expensive for my blood.

Going to pop round shortly to see my work buddy Bill,give him the glad tidings of my retiral on 13th of May,actually I will be in the college on Saturday 14th as the host and principal judge for the national craft competition,hoped I could have skipped this event for the work that is involved but my work colleagues insist I dont have to concern myself as they will do the brunt of the work in preparation,I just have to act the part of Mein Host and give the speeches of welcome and congrats and commisserations to the winner and losers etc.I dont think Bill is going to best pleased with my news about leaving,will probably give the speech of rats leaving the sinking ship LOL,he wants me to stay until his departure date of 24th June,sorry Bill no thanks.

Such a nice day,decided to visit Kelvingrove Park with my camera before picking Sally up at her work at 2pm.I will drop by later tonight,see how everyone is doing so have a great day everyone.Bye.

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hello everyone

Some people have a wonderful life just galavanting around the countryside all day and not doing a drop of work. Here most of us are slaving just to keep out of the poorhouse.

Good weather here although the nights are getting chilly and the suns up later and down earlier.

Seems as though I will be staying at this site a bit longer than I thought, till maybe the end of Julyt and then ???????? who knows. thats construction. But I dont think I would ever be happy in an office again.

For the past few days we have had a visitor to the site. ita a zebra who has teamed up with a horse and her foal. It seems as though the horses also act wild.

Well back to the grindstone for the second half.

Chat again.


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Good morning all,

Oh I wish I was gallivanting all over the country side - but this big old desk might as well have chains on it today. I should have listened to myself this morning when I said - in a very hypnotizing voice - I said - self (that would be me) - self you should call in sick today - self you should call in sick today. So I reset the alarm clock - went and got my nephew up and out the door - then instead of jumping in the nice warm bed - jumped in the shower and dressed and headed to work. I am hoping that I am not hypnotized to come to work every time I think of calling in sick - that would be horrible. Now I have to get up every few minutes to keep my eyes open. I would much prefer the gallivanting!

Where is Judy (KW) - I am anxious to share our picture (the good one).

I will check back later to see who has stopped by.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 42 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 81. It's the first day we've had with the wind not howling in a while.

Pass some of that retirement around when you get it, Eric. I could sure use a little.

Back to work for me. Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon All! We're traveling through SC and the mobile internet is already getting funky. Also, I've about had my limit sitting up at the table. My pain/discomfort is much better tolerated slouched out a little or lying flat.

Since I'm not up to snuff and not feeling much like typing on the computer, I came in today to catch up on some Airs. What fun you all are and talk about a pick-me-up. But Eric, I still can't find an explanation for someone's comment about Sally's costume. Who knows how much I've missed sigh.

Talk about pick-me-ups, Annette and I had a great visit at my RV home yesterday. Since I'm not up to outings these days, she was kind enough to come and hang out here. It just wasn't long enough since we had to get on a distance to the nearest RV site. Hi Annette, everyone will get to see our pic one of these days.

Just in case anyone has a moment of worry about me, don't. My daughter the RN, my sister the RN and my friend Tally RN in Kutztown all say I am going to feel sooooo much better when they drain this fluid. My daughter also says not to be discouraged. I should not worry that I'm "sick" now. It's just I let the fluid build up without having it attended to. Annette can comfirm I don't look sick. Here's hoping guys. I am definitely ready to feel good again.

Have a great day and be good, I'm reading lol.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon!

It's 2:20PM here. Temps in mid 50's and sunny wonderful! Yeah.

Eric, I love imagining the flowers there. It's still pretty brown here. The grass is beginning to green, but that's about it. I see some little sprigs beginning to come on the trees, so it's coming.

Today I needed to get up early for my ladies bible study group. Wonder of all wonders, I shut off my alarm and promptly feel asleep, but hmmmm.....wonder who woke me up. Got up in time to clean up, throw a baseball cap on and head out the door. We had a good gathering, but tears were shed as one of our group is terminally ill, and it's just a matter of time. She's 40 something. So sad. Two boys and a husband.

Got home and was doing my Friday stuff, thinking it was Friday. As I moved through my chores, something is telling me something. LOL. Then I happened by the calendar and realized today is Tuesday! Sheesh. So now I'm doing Tuesday chores, and writing here. LOL

Annette, can't wait to hear about your visit with Judy and see the good pic.

I'm doing my best to not think about it, or fear it, but I must admit I'm beginning to get butterfly flutters in my tummy thinking about two weeks from now. Scanxiety is bad enough when it's regularly scheduled. But when they are looking to see if "something" grew, it's a different story. Add to that the cough that won't go away, and well? Don't know what to do with it.

Someone asked me if I was terrified at the possiblities. Thinking about another operation, or chemo, or radiation is terrifying.....but I can't say I'm terrified. It will be as it will be.

This waiting around for what my husband's new job is, and whether he will need me is getting to me. I'm so used to be up and about and busy. Right now all is on hold until I know what he is doing. I want to make an additional commitment at Gilda's Club. Their volunteer coordinator has quit. Can't blame her, she managed thousands of volunteers. She was there for years, but it burned her out. I'd love to help in that area if they would like me to. I just don't want to make a commitment until I KNOW Randy won't need me in his job.

Patience my sweetie. I keep saying that. Patience.

Ronnie, I love the stories of the animals at your work. There is no one in the USA that can say that a zebra just showed up at the job site.


Judy in MI

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Hi Bud,

I dont understand the whys and wherefores about your responsibilities in sending in this pic of Judy and Annette,but it is so wonderfully warm and comforting,seeing two persons close to my heart in such realistic detail,I just want to say thank you,I am so looking forward to seeing Annette and Keith in July,Judy and Bud,just wish I could include you seeing both of you in my visit in the summer to the USofA.God bless the both of you.Goodnight.

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