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Dear friends,

In the no news is good news department, I have been away for a while and life had pretty much returned to normal for my Mom. I am sorry to say, however, that my Mom didn't have a good report yesterday so I am (we are) back.

Her CT showed an area of concern in the adrenal gland and it lit up on the PET. Her onc is almost certain, but she’ll have a biopsy on Monday to be sure and confirm it's a met from LC. There were no other areas lit up so we are thankful for that. Her doc said he would prescribe just radiation, no chemo for now. The Radiation Oncologist will tell us how many treatments she will need. Anyone have information on what is common?

She actually took the news pretty well. I think she was prepared from previous conversation with the doctor that an occurrence was very possible (he used the dandelion analogy). She actually was glad for the fact that radiation is the course of treatment rather than chemo and thankfully, it is another case of her feeling no pain or other manifestation of the disease … except she has been a bit fatigued lately.

We'll just keep on fighting the fight! Thank you for being here.



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Hi Kimberly,

Sorry to read about your Mums PET scan results,not really the best we want to hear,technically I am not very up on the significance of such a result,being a NED survivor for approx 2 1/2 years now,I have always had some concern for such an eventuality that one day I may have to face some similar news.I truely hope that this setback can be successfully treated with as little discomfort to your Mum.Please pass on to her my best wishes to her.

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I'm so sorry that you have to check back in with this news - Like Eric I'm constantly concerned about hearing it again. I hope for the strength your mom had upon hearing it. And I will keep the two of you in my thoughts and prayers as she wins the battle again.


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So sorry to hear this news. Your Mom is wise to have stayed open to this possibility. That way we are not so devastated like being blindsided as I was once. I just try to keep in mind that this is why they keep tracking us, so they can catch things and take care of business quickly. Hoping for an easy rebound for your Mom.

Judy in KW

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