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Monday's Air


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Wow! Was there a problem with the site yesterday? I was so surprised to see no posts for Sunday! That is unusual for us chatty folks!

Our weekend was consumed by commitments for the Grilln’ Guys. We had a “Name that Pig” contest. Unfortunately the day they wanted the contest party was Saturday of Father’s Day weekend. On top of that, Randy’s partner also agreed to barbecue for Father’s Day at church. Then he had to back out because his wife insisted that he went camping with family for the weekend. So……we had a party to BBQ for and then 3 services at church. So…………….if I ever smell smoked pork again, it will be too soon.

I’m tired. Yesterday I really struggled with this. I’m so tired I can’t make it through the day. But then, it’s 4:00AM and I’m up. But I’ll struggle to get up in the morning. What’s up with that? I hate lung cancer.

Eric, I watched the US Open, and was so amazed by Rory McIroy! What an amazing young man! 22 years young and breaking every record for that tournament. I just pray he does not lose his focus like Tiger Woods did. I hope he keeps his values and does not go off the charts like Tiger did. What a great story!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and see how you all were. Hope everything is well. I’ll be back later!

Judy in MI

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Morning All! I missed yesterday. Didn't even turn the computer on. Stan left for Titusville around 9am and I got stuck in a project. I was looking for my recipe for lo cal blueberry topping. It's great on lots of things but I'm yenning for pancakes. It was somewhere in the mess of loose recipes I organized about a year or so ago. I pulled it all out, sorted the recipes by types and put them in folders in a file crate I had stored. It took all day!

I did stop to cook--remember my chef is away. I was so proud of myself. I chopped fresh garlic and sauted it with butter and olive oil. Heated some leftover broccoli in it, then tossed in hot linguine. It was great! I don't cook much anymore and when I do with screw-ups, I love it.

I was so pleased with my son. He packed up the family and went to Titusville and took his Dad to dinner. It was a late one but it was nice. They went to Cracker Barrel. The kids were good and Stan said his catfish was great.

Judy, I know what you mean. I'm doing good but was really exhausted at the end of the last few days. It's so hard trying to find a balance. I think I would be tired too after shopping all day. Annette, I'm waiting to hear how the court thing goes. It's today, right? Lily, sounds like you had a nice day. You deserve it. And now you're walking doesn't have to be to the bus stop--great.

Got to get in the office so you all have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning - well it's Monday so I'm not so certain it's good - I refuse to look out and see. I got some new pretty shoes yesterday and it was wet out this morning - I wore them anyway.

My nephew was a slug all weekend - he has been running a temperature of over 100. Not sure what is causing it - just hoping it doesn't come my way and he is better to go on his weekend trip next weekend.

I worked on a speech and questions for every witness - so I am prepared to go whatever way this thing goes today. If they decide to recommend expulsion - then i am prepared to get a lawyer to fight it. I honestly think the supreme court helped me out Thursday with the new ruling on requiring that a student be read their Miranda Rights before questioned regarding any activity in which criminal charges could be forthcoming. I'm still stressed to the max - but we shall see.

Anyway - want to get busy so I won't feel bad when I don't come back after 2p.m. this afternoon.

I will check back in on everyone.


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Good morning, friends. I hope everyone today is going to be the start of a good week for everyone. I normally hate Mondays with a passion but I'm looking forward to getting this week up and running. I'll be only working three days at the office, then off to Orlando for Convention for 4 days. There won't be a lot of down time for relaxing but I don't mind meetings when I'm doing something I love. Unfortunately, my regular job doesn't fit into that "love" category.

We got some rain on both Friday and Saturday. There wasn't a lot on either day but when you're as dry as we are, every little bit helps.

Annette...I hope things go well with your nephew. Please know that we're all sending good thoughts your way. He is a very lucky young man to have you for an aunt!!!

KW Judy...Your Stan was up in my neck of the woods. Hope he had a nice dinner with your son. You can never go wrong when eating at Cracker Barrel. If you're looking for a good, filling meal Cracker Barrel is definitely the place to go. Your blueberry topping made me think of cheese blintzes with blueberry topping and shipped cream. See what bad thoughts you're putting into my head??? Did you ever find the recipe you were searching for? Sorting recipes is something I could definitely spend a day doing. I'm a cookbook junkie and I never know what book to find a favorite recipe in when I'm ready to cook.

Judy in MI...I have to know what the pig got named??? I love pork but it's true about the smell of pork getting to you. When our Legion Riders cooked pulled pork for a week at the Veterans Reunion, I was so sick of smelling pork. The smell seems to just saturate one's nostrils. I hope you get your energy levels all straightened out soon.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100. For the fourth day in a row, we have wind gusts close to 40 mph.

I got up Saturday morning and rode 20 miles from home, then joined a club ride that started in Crowley. There was heat and wind and hills, everything you love in a bike ride. I ended up with 83 miles.

Yesterday morning, I took the boat over to Lake Benbrook. I had installed a new depth finder transducer, and wanted to test it out. That's about all I got done. Gusts near 40 mph are a bit much for fishing. I only boated one crappie.

Fortunately, I still have lots of fish in the freezer, and we had our daughters over for a fish dinner for Father's Day.

Lillian, I'm very glad to hear that your car is running. That has to be a load off your mind.

Good luck today, Annette! Have a great day, all!

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Annette, wishing you the best today. Hope the fever goes down and fast. You obviously love this kid, and whatever happens, I just hope it sets him on the path of being straight and happy. He's so young to be in so much trouble!

Yeah Bud, fishing in 40 MPH wind would tend to just plain be a big old hassle! Glad you got to enjoy Father's Day with your daughters.

Ann, the winning name for the pig was ROASTIE O'DONNEL. LOL. And one of the guys that won, owns a decorative pin factory, so he had pins made with a Rosie O'Donnel head on the body of a pig. Not going to go any further than that, but it was funny.

There were 25 people at the party. Randy grilled beef tenderloin, the pig, halopena pepper halfs with the seeds scooped out and filled with savory garlic cream cheese and chives. To top off the day, he grilled banana's, and plated them in halfs, and drizzled carmel sauce on them with vanilla ice cream. Quite a nice day for the family who celebrated Father's day for the occasion.

KW Judy, I'm curious if you found your recipe too!

Judy in MI

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Wow we must be trying to make up for yesterday. I checked in a couple of times and saw no posts so sat back in my recliner with the heating pad! I spent the day chasing dust bunnies in my bedroom and in the process did a number on my already bad back. When I get the vacuum out I know I am going to be sore for a day or so. Well add removing the mattress cover to wash it and fighting to get the movers under my dresser so I could move it out and clean and well I guess you get the picture. It kind of scared me this time because it hasn't been this bad in a very long time.

I did manage to walk some. I was afraid to go too far so I just walked up and down in front of our property a few times and around our parking lot.That is not much but where I live if you walk at all part of it will be uphill. I guess that makes up for walking further on some days.

The wind has been blowing here too Bud. I really don't mind it because it make it a lot more comfortable outside. Even if the temperature gets to 103 like they are predicting the wind and low humidity make it a lot more bearable. A bunch of neighbors gather outside in the evenings during summer. It is a pleasant time to visit if we have that wind and low humidity to balance out the high temperatures.

Annette I am praying that all goes well for the hearing and you can rest easy for a while.

Judy you sound like me. I can't resist a good cookbook and I am always clipping recipes from magazines. I take them out and look at them but seldom cook any of them. If I do I will just use it one time then start adding my own touches. I just love having them. Right now I am enjoying the fresh fruit. Slowly it is all starting to come in. Those of you who know California know that we have a very productive growing season. Up here where I live there are a lot of orchards. I am so glad to have my car again. Now I can go out to the farm to buy produce. It is so much better and half the price of the farmers market. Besides that it is such a beautiful drive.

Bud I don't know how you do it. You work all week riding to and from work then go bike ridding on the weekend. Whatever you are using to give you all of that energy I think would make a fortune just selling it to us on the board :!:

Ann I hope that you have a beautiful week. I am glad too that you had some rain. My son and his family spent the week in St. Augustine and he said for most of the time there was smoke in the air. They left yesterday for Pensicola one of my very favorite places to camp. They just opened the campground with full hook ups. It had been closed sense Ivan in 2004 nearly destroyed it all.

MI Judy I don't think I could ever get tired of pork. I think if I had to give up all meat but one I would keep pork. It just has so much more flavor than beef and chicken!

Sense no one was on here yesterday I took time to look at a lot of Eric's pictures that I had missed. Wow how beautiful Scotland is! I was surprised to see that a lot of the scenery reminds me of places I have been here in the states. The difference is that the places he showed has them all close where here you have to travel not only to different states but different areas of the country to see them all.

Well I hope that I have missed no one. I think while I am in the mood and my back is not hurting too much I will wipe down the outside of my kitchen cabinets. I will just do a little at a time so I am sure it will take me most of the day.

We haven't heard from Sara in a few days. I sure hope she is feeling better and pray that the chemo will knock out the cancer so she can be NED.

Well I am off wish me luck on getting a little work done.

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Hi everyone, finally having some energy to get back on the computer. I actually got on yesterday and was surprised there was no "air"! Tried to read through and play catch up on what I have missed. Feeling better and we are getting this nausea under control, which makes a world of difference. Judy KW, I tried the round peppermints and have some ginger snaps. You are right, they do manage to help a bit.

I have tried ginger ale, just can't do that one though. Hopefully the worst is over for this round. Will have a PET done before my next tx on the 5th to see if this is working. It just has to be doing something for as crappy as it makes me feel. We keep praying.

My 32nd birthday was yesterday and we had bought tickets to a comedy show months ago, I was relieved that we were still able to go. I rested all day so I would have the energy to go last night. IT was great to get out and to just laugh and relax. It was in an outdoor theater in KC, so it was HOT and HUMID! But, still very fun.

Annette, best of luck today with your nephew, I am sure that is just nerve wracking and it will be better to just get it over with! Judy MI, your pig contest sounds fun!! Of course you can be a "fan" on my care pages, thank you! Judy KW, good for you on organizing all of your recipes and your dinner sounds great! I have a big envelope full of recipes I have pulled out of magazines that I am waiting on the energy to do something creative with!! Lily, good job on the walking, it doesn't matter where, it still counts!! Bud, we just got a Roku a few weeks ago as we subscribed to Netflix as well. We got rid of our movie channels through the cable company and since I am home so much now, I can always find something on there to watch! So far, I really like it.

Well, thanks everyone for thinking of me and the suggestions for the nausea. Guess I will go make myself get in the shower, have energy healing again today. Happy Monday folks.


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Well it is an overcast, humid day but still no rain. Another thunderstorm last night that produced about 10 droplets.

Still waiting for you to share Ann. LOL

Judy MI, sounds like you had a great weekend with lots to eat. I'm sure all the people there enjoyed Randy's cooking.

Lillyjohn, I think the only hill for miles is coming up the road to my driveway. Not much of a hill only rising maybe 20 feet over a 1/4 mile.

Good luck today Annette. Great to see that you have a Plan B as well as Plan A.

Bud a friend of mine caught a 35 lb Lake Trout last week just outside City limits. I think he has the video on youtube. Maybe search Prosperous Lake.

Sara great to see you here. All of us can use a laugh and an outdoor comedy show sounds like just the thing.

Judy KW, you tried to convince me earlier on email that there was a Sunday Air. LOL Seem's like you are the only person who read it. I'm beginning to worry that you are suffering from blurred vision having to do your own cooking ! ( Sorry sweetie. Just teasing ya but I had to get that one in there for Stan. LOL)

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well a quiet Monday follows a busy weekend,Star Trekk on Friday and the Bon Accord on Saturday.Myself ,Jennifer and Chris had a super night listening to the Morgan Lee Band,not that folk music is Jennifer and Chris’s type of music (Chris plays Bass in a very successful heavy metal bandI -definately not my type of music).It was quite a surprise when Hugh the lead singer and mandolin player introduced a song and said it was dedicated to Eric who came to see us in Arran.I gave the band the DVD of my pics of Arran,dedicated to the best folk band at the folk festival,think that got me some brownie points,on Sunday they asked me to befriend them in facebook,also telling me how they enjoyed my pics of Arran.I checked them out in facebook,and found they had some videos of some of their concerts,which I really enjoyed seeing.

Today,spent some hours in the gym and pool,likewise planned for tomorrow am.Pm invited into Roy Castle’s Glasgow office,I am taking the DVD pics of Fridays walk for their usage.I think the meeting is to introduce me to the new members of staff I was involved in the interviews to choose them,possibly also to define my new role as a volunteer.

My sister Dot phoned to remind me to book a cruise on the Waverly this Saturday“Doon the Waater”as they were called, yesteryear,thousands of Scots prior to having the means to travel abroad,to Europe and Florida,they had holidays on the Isles of Bute-Rothesay.The Waverly is world famous,I think for being the last sea going paddle steamer,it should be fun,there is folk musicians on board to provide the entertainment throughout the journey there and back.The boat is that old,and the owners have constant problems in finding the money to keep the ship maintained e properly,so I may end up being marooned on Rothesay,hope I can be rescued in time for my flight to the USA.LOL.

JudyMI,Sorry I missed the US open,unlike Augusta which is covered by the BBC,the open isn’t,it probably is available on the subscription channels like Sky Sports.Good to see he didn’t lose his nerve this time round.Well I do have full access to watching Wimbledon for the next two weeks,come on Andy,you can beat Nadal et al.

Hi Judy,Cracker Barrel is a very popular cheese in the UK,but not a restaurant.LOL.

Hi Annette,Its 9.15pm here,so I presume your ordeal is over now,I hope everything went well and you will be posting in some good news regarding Marco.

Hi Bud,you sure take your fishing seriously,”I have just installed a new depth finder transducer”sounds like you are tracking submarines(watch out Randy) I will believe it ,if you next mention fitting a depth charge launcher.

Hi Lillian,100 degree temps and out walking about,who do you think you are-Bud?,Funny you mentioning Scotlands scenery,I remember some years ago,new maps of the UK were being discussed to include areas in the UK having areas of outstanding natural beauty,eg,the Lake District in England and Snowdonia in Wales,to simplify things the whole of Scotland was designated thus.

Hi Sara,Happy Birthday-belatedly,glad you are getting the nausea problem under control,oh I so hate that feeling,it can really get you down.The outdoor comedy night sounds just what the doctor would order for you,glad you had a happy birthday.gosh 32,what would I give......

Hi Bruce,Well your buddy catching a 35lb Lake trout,must be a local record,eat your heart out Bud.

Got to go now,enjoy the rest of Monday all,bye.

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