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Do you have one? I had the weird experience of having my oncologist and my infusion nurse ask about this Monday. I did a search here and see that Eric uses the term occasionally.

My answer, is that I don't have one. I must have been really selfish before my dx. Even though I worked way too many hours at times, I did a lot of what I wanted - ate good food, gardened, volunteered for good causes, did good work, read, made friends, travelled (of course, there are still lots of places to go, but there always would be.) Surprisingly, since it happened so late, I even met a good man (and has that ever come in handy!)

Always say I did not need the wake up call to make big changes in my life. Maybe I already understood the impermanence of life and was living in the present? I am still happy to be here to eat the first strawberries from the yard, to see the flowers bloom, and to enjoy the rare blue sky.

What about you?

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Nope, no bucket list here either. I've lived and loved well, and am very happy with each and every day I'm gifted with. And when those days are done, I'm going to my real home, in heaven, and while I'm not in a hurry to get there, I won't complain when I do! :-)

Good question Steph!

Judy in MI

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Hi Stephanie,

I think Scots are born with a wanderlust,mind you the ones that do settle in faraway places,sing songs about "My heart is in the highlands a' chasing the deer" or "My grannies hieland hame".They get particularly homesick at Hogmany,phoning relatives and friends,just after the bells.

I do hanker after visiting many places on planet earth,some doable others unlikely they include:-

The Crysler Building in New York,

The Pallio in Sienna,

Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janerio,

Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona,Catherdral Familia,

The Galapogous Islands off Peru,

Ayers rock,or Ularu as it is now called

Matchu Pitchu in Peru,

Not forgetting,Paris,Prague and Salzberg

The ones on my bucket list I have managed are,

Montserrat in Spain,(got a good story to share with this place)

Medina in Malta

Knossis in Crete

Tivoli Gardens and Hadrians Villa in Italy

Rome- wow- so many places,St Peters,Villa Borgeise seeing

the statues done by Bernini,Sistine Chapel

Pompeii,this has got to be on everyone's bucket list,it is

simply spectacular,not to be missed,I will certainly return.

Thanks for raising the subject,Stephanie,I am sure my list is

not complete.Come on everyone what would you like to include in a bucket list?

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I think I read somewhere that only 4% of Americans travel abroad?come on, travels certainly does broaden the mind.The Victorians (with the cash) always included a Grand Tour of Europe as an essential passage of rites as part of their education to becoming rounded adults.

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What am I gonna do with Eric - the first thing I thought of when I saw his bucket list was New York - I've been there - nobody wants to put Richmond on their bucket list - but I would not mind seeing the Statue of Liberty - and it just happens to be pretty near the Chrysler Building - and my mind starts turning....

Silly mind - I think it would be about an 8 hour drive (on the right side of the street by the way).

Travel abroad - I may be well rounded but it's food that did it to me. I did get to some places while I was in the Navy - Malaga, Spain; St. Thomas, Singapore, Mombasa, Africa; the Gulf of Oman (that one I saw while on the water - lol - it was the only one that I didn't visit a bar in too - tells you how young I was back then).

I keep saying it is too hard to get a passport - but some of Erics' pictures make you want to see Scotland first hand - I would have to take my daughter on that trip though she loves everything Scottish. I would like to go to a casino in Morocco; the pyramids and I have thought I'd like to say I had been to every one of the 50 U.S. States - maybe an Alaskan cruise.

Nothing that great here - but this was an interesting, thought provoking question.

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I have lived a blessed life. I have been so happy, and have such a wonderful family and friends. I live in a beautiful spot near the water. I thank God everyday for the life he gave me.

But I do have a bucket list -

I call it my "life list" - my family thinks my list is odd!

1. See the blue waters of the Caribbean (did after diagnosis)

2. Hug a monkey

3. drive a backhoe

4. See Puxatawney Phil (the groundhog)

5. See a moose in the wild

6. Get a tattoo

7. see a buffalo roaming free

8. Own a VW bug

9. See the west coast

10. See the Field of Dreams

11. Ride a horse (did after diagnosis)

12. go Parasailing

I guess I better get moving on this list - I think Hug a Monkey (preferably a chimp) is number one now - closely followed by the backhoe!

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So many enlightened people. Maybe it's a generational thing. We married and had children young. Not that there have not be joyous times along the way, but life was mostly about meeting obligations. I feel very fortunate that as I raised my children, I was able to go to night college and eventually day college and complete my Master Degree. But everything was scheduled around the children and my husband's job that required extensive traveling. We both did what we had to do.

After my dx, I said there were two things I wanted to do before I died, go to Italy and see NYC during the XMas season. Recently friends visited Italy and one of the group (Stan and I went to school with them all) sat down on a bench and died of a heart attack. His mother later said he always said he wanted to go to Italy before he died. After that I decided I didn't think I wanted a bucket list.

Now, a little late in life, I try to live my life the best I can within the scope of what's possible for me. I'm choosing better when I seek friendships and experience the most joy interacting with positive people.

Judy in KW

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