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5 years

Nick C

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5 years ago I couldn't have been reassured that I'd be sitting here today as I am.

Some of you early in your grief feel like there just isn't comfort to be had. I get it.

But I can tell you this. I have missed my mother every day for the last 5 years...and I have felt lonely and like I'm missing something without her here...BUT I have also felt like she's been with me this whole time.

I guess I can best explain it like this: I wrote a little less than 5 years ago I was afraid that every day would be like driving a car away from my mom and she'd get smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.

It hasn't been like that. It's like I am alone in the car. She's not with me...and I am driving. But when I look in the mirror, it's like she is right there, sitting in the back seat when I look in the mirror.

I'm alone in the car...but she's there. She's not more distant...5 years later, she's still with me.

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And she is oh so proud of you Nick! You and Your whole Family have done wonderful things in your Lives. Mom Is so very proud and you are so very blessed!

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I remember when you lost your mom and it was indeed a very sad time. I am happy that she is still with you today and Nick she will always be with you. God Bless you!


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I get "it". My Dad passed away 8 yrs. ago Oct. 14th. I think of him everyday and miss him everyday.

It sure has left a void in my life NOT having him here.

When I lost him I wondered how I could go on without him. I was most definately a Daddy's girl. I didn't think my heart would ever heal.

Then, 6 yrs. later I lost Thom. Now, I KNOW my heart will never heal.

Cancer sucks......plain and simple.

Thinking of you,


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Thank you Nick for explaining how you see your mom now. I think many of us see our loved ones the same way. We all think that life just can't continue after such loss but it does and it time we see life again instead of death.

I think that we have to see life as not continuing but starting up again. For a while it seems it just stops and leaves us lost in that vast plain of grief. It does take time to get to an easier place and start to live again. More than that I think it is our loved ones in the back seat laughing and pushing us into a new future with all the love they still have for us.

Thanks again Nick I really like that image of your mom in the backseat.

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