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My dad saw the ONC today....


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Hello everyone... A bit of an update on my father, Rick...

He went to go see the doctors in London, ON today... His ONC and his Radiologist... He had his blood work done and a chest X-tray to start the day... Then it was off to see his ONC... HE SAID that the tumor in his chest hadn't changed much at all... (however, never mentioned anything about the mets else where in his body).... Dad mentioned that he was interested in doing some more radiation, this time on his chest, and the ONC mentioned something about a new pill that was just introduced in CANADA last week that he was interested in trying on my dad... So my dad listened....

The ONC is putting him on something called PAMIDRONATE (adredia??) which apparently is used with some types of cancer which may involve the bones,,,, also strengthens the bones and helps relieve bone pain... I guess this is a pill which he has to take once a day....

The ONC is also putting him on 5-fluorouracil Infusion (pump)-(Adrucil).... This is apparently supposed to treat cancers of the esophagus, other parts of the gas tract, and many other types of cancer...

The ONC is also putting him back on the CISPLATIN, which he had already been on this past April... This time they're giving it to him in lower amounts because it didn't make him feel good at all last time...

The ONC is also putting him on EPIRUBICIN which is also apparently used to treat lung cancer!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if any of you have heard of these things or are on these things or maybe even know if they've been working for you?!!?!?!?!?!?!? I just wanted to share with you what is going on now... So now, we wait till FEB. 11th to start the actual chemo. again... The pill taking and the pump is gonna start ASAP.... THEN it was off to see the radio doctor...

HE SAID he did not want to start anything while my dad was trying this new medication... Wait and see how this works and then go from there... (ITS ALWAYS LIKE THIS!!!!),,, now, this doctor is really nice and very helpful... He also mentioned he could probably do radiation on the chest if the new chemo. drugs didn't do the job.... So, we'll just have to wait and see how these new drugs go over...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!!!! I'm excited my dad has decided to start more treatment, but I'm also a little leary, wondering if this is the best way to go!?!?!?!?! I supposed the DOCS are trained in this stuff and do know some things right... ITS JUST SO HARD TO PUT YOUR FAITH, HOPE AND DREAMS in a guy you don't really know, and a guy who doesn't really know you!!! My faith and hope remain in God that he will allow for this medicine to work and to let this be the drug that starts to make my dad feel better and fix him.....

I'm off now to go and research these new drugs he will be taking.... I like to know all about them and I know he'll like to know as well....

I suppose I posted just because I wanted you people to know what was going on... The bits of encouragement and the prayers that come our way from each and everyone of you are so greatly appreciated.... My thoughts and prayers are still and will always be with each and everyone of you... Take care of yourself and I'll talk to ya later.... God Bless...

Adam K

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Hi Adam,

When they go for the cisplatin, there were a couple things helped me tremendously:

--ethyol aka amafosdine to protect the kidneys and hearing from cisplatin damage.

--premedication with zofran and (lorazepam if needed, also good for anxiety).

The only time I had trouble with chemo was the morning after the big dose of cisplatin, with vp-16, I would gag on brushing my teeth. Otherwise I found the premeds to be invaluable in helping me through it.

Glad your dad and his doctor are excited about new options.

You're in our prayers,


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I have a friend who is taking Aredia. She was on Zometa which is for the bones. The doctor said Aredia is not as harsh on your kidneys. That is why he changed her meds. I don't know anything else about the other meds. Hope this helps. Prayers for you and your dad...

God Bless


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Thanks for the info on the meds that they are treating your father with. I am sure there are some on here that can use this info.

This is a roller coaster ride. There are some good days and there are some bad. all we can hope for our loved ones going through this is remission. That one of the drugs will love them. Hang in and hold on tight.

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It is very hard to trust a pure stranger with your health, but with

you looking for answers on all the drugs and treatment the onc

put your father on, you will be able to judge and question their merits.

Feb. 11th is in less than a month and your father seems to want

more treatments and the onc knows, so he will do the best for him.

Good luck.


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Hang in there! Sounds like your dad has already beat the original "prognosis" (aka wild guesstimate), so that bodes well for the next round of treatments.

I'm feeling tragically appalled and frustrated by the way the Canadian health"care" system works. Feels like so much precious time is being wasted on logistics and W-A-I-T-I-N-G ... very disappointed. Hope things are better in London that they are in Toronto.

Send me a PM if you would like to share about that.



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