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This is Geri's husband writing to let you all know that she passed away peacefully in her sleep Tuesday last. LC was not the cause but the chemo that she had for breast cancer significantly damaged her heart.

I know that she made a lot of friends both on the site and in real life through the site, and was able to find the cofounder of the Boston lung cancer walk that way. The walk is her legacy and I am very proud of what she achieved.

She is a prime example of lung cancer being defeated, and she has given strength to a lot of people by demonstrating that.

My best to all.



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Thank you Richard. I always think it is so kind when member's family takes time from their grief to speak to us. It also gave me a chance to see that smiling photo of her I loved so much pop up on our site.

May the days pass gently for you and yours.

Judy in KW

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Thank you Richard,

I am certainly one who benefited from Geri's post here,her pic well says it all,a person wearing a bright smile that was infectious,she never failed to give me a lift reading her posts.I am so going to miss her.

I can tell you that I am attending a service of remembrance on Sunday the 11th of Dec in Glasgows Kelvingrove Art galleries and Museum.This service is dedicated to friends and relatives who have passed away from lung cancer.The service is called Light Up a Star,I have nominated Geri's name to be attached to one of the Stars to be hung in a hugh Christmas tree,I have also included my friend Randy's wifes name Deborah along with Annette Martell.I have the honour and pleasure to be making a presentation before switching on the Christmas Tree lights.

I will have pics taken of this occassion and will post them into the members photo album here,soon as.

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Richard, I am so very sorry for your loss. Geri was a very special lady. Her beautiful smile, her sense of humor and most of all her positive attitude will be the memory that will live on in my heart and mind forever. Sorry to be late writing, but I haven't checked in here for a while. Thank you so very much for your kind post and know that you are welcome here always.



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