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chemo brain....

Fay A.

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Somewhere in CyberSpace there is a post about my having been scanned (CT and PET), and waiting for the results tomorrow, and knowing that I now have "...loculated fluid in the right hemithorax..." laterally, and how if I laugh long and hard it feels like I have a stitch in my side, but to please keep the giggles coming because it feels kind of like that anyway.

Ignore the eyebrows posts...unless you have information on how I can get mine to grow back. I miss them...a lot. :shock:

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I worked with a woman that used to PLUCK out ALL of her eyebrows and then "draw" them on - higher up and in a surprised expression. It was SOOO hard to have a conversation with her because she always looked like she was experiencing something on the verge of extremely embarassing - like an exploding bra strap!

I wonder, if "they" can make fake eyelashes, if "they" would produce paste on eyebrows - or if you're stuck with squishing woolybear caterpillars on your forehead...

They'll be back - and you'll be back in the "waxing chair" to get 'em under control (they return in an ambush - one day there's three or four hairs, then, you're the Missing Link).

Good luck on the Chia growth...



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Good luck on the results.

My grandmother was a young lady in the age when one plucked all the eyebrows and then drew them in. After a while, they don't grow back. Looks like a porcelain doll, hand painted. Nice effect.

In time, they'll come back.

Looking forward to hopefully reading good results about the scan, the fluid not withstanding....



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Hey Fay,

If my memory serves me right, (we all know we can't count on MY memory) I don't think that Whooi Goldburg has eyebrows either and look how far she has come in her life?! (giggle)

So, maybe you can make it big in Hollywood without your eyebrows. IT COULD HAPPEN.

I'm praying and sending you positive VIBES for good scan results. Your in my prayers my friend. I'm sure you look just beauitiful with or without eyebrows. Like they say, "don't fret the small stuff" I know easy for me to say.

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No way can we ignore the eyebrows posts...they're just such good laugh material and we all need all we can get of that...yeah, even when it hurts, 'cause if it doesn't hurt THERE it hurts somewhere else anyway, hmmm?

I'm praying for THE BEST results on the scan outcomes. Keep holdin' on tightly.

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