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I went in for my second ECG this week, today. My wife went along, as the Clinical Research assistant told me Tuesday that she would be talking to me about a new study, as a back-up if my ECG is not back to normal by next week, I have to return this next Tuesday for another ECG, then Wednesday I see my Onc, and again Thursday for another ECG. If the ECG, next Thurday, is still out of whack, I will be permanently removed from the present study. I did sign a consent for the new study.

It is hoped, by that time, some of the preliminary things will have been accamplished on the next study.

I am so glad that I chose a research center for my lung cancer treatment. They have just received notice that the University of Wisconsin has been approved for three reletively new studies. The other thing I like is that everybody seems to think ahead. "If this doesn't work, we have more to offer" So far they haven't run out of options.

They are really hoping my ECG will return to normal by next week, as the study was working. The tumor in my liver had shrunk by almost half, when they had to take me off the drug because of the elevated ECG. At the company's request, the study was unblinded, as they wanted to know which drug I was on. I was on the ZD6474, and not the Iressa, which is good, as that still leaves Iressa as a possibility "down the road".

I still feel pretty good with no aches or pains to speak of. What pain I do have, is controlled pretty good by Oxycodone and oxycontin. The only major probalem I have, BobMc might have an answer for. I am suffering from acute, going on chronic, golf withdrawal. I have not been able to find a pill for that.

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I am suffering from acute, going on chronic, golf withdrawal. I have been able to find a pill for that.

Have you ever played Tiger Woods golf for GameCube?

It's not the same, but my husband (who loves to golf) loves this game!

Better yet, if it rains on the course, you stay dry!

Glad to hear about the tumor shrinking. :)

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There is an indoor driving range in Madison, WI. I try to get there at least once each month. I try to include that with one of my trips to the UWCCC for tests.

(UWCCC = University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Thanks for the update. The tumor shrinkage sounds great...now to get the old ticker to cooperate fully. I'm really impressed, too, with your treatment facility and their outlook and attention to what matters most...YOU! Sending out prayers for you (always!)

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I've kept my mouth shut for a couple days on this, but can no longer restrain myself.

As a golfer you are living in the WRONG part of the country. It was 78 down here yesterday and we don't expect any rain for the next week at least. And San Diego is the home of the ONLY public golf course that hosts a yearly PGA event (Torry Pines .. the Buick Open).

(I'm sorry God. I tried .. I realy did! :))

On a more serious note: I'm realy glad to hear your tumor as shrunk. Here's hoping that heart of yours decides to behave and you can get about the business of beating this.


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If you can love a dog that ugly, ain't nothing wrong with your heart! :wink:

A truer test would be that you are with the same woman after all these years. Marriage is a task that you have to put your heart into, and a strong marriage is a wonderful testament to a good heart!

Here's hoping all is well and you're back on the road in no time! Glad to hear you still have a bag of tricks in store - maybe you could use a magic hat like the Cat in the Hat has....

Take care,


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Hey Dave,

As for your golf problems, I'm with Dean, your living in the wrong neighborhood for golf at this time! :roll::roll::shock::?

Non the less, I'll sure keep my fingers, toes and arms & legs crossed that your ECG comes back A-OKAY!!! HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND BARBIE! I don't know how she has done it for 33 years????? HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE! Us girls have to stick together! Like my friend Gary says, "Today is a good day to be alive" So..... go have a good day Dave!

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Yep, Dave also in withdrawl;

Wife caught me yesterday, she walked in and I was workin on the swing, she geez looks at me, and I know she's thinking "and there frying his head" :shock::shock: Had a condo in West Palm for Feb.1, and was figuring I was gonna play. had to give it up as I will still be in treatment so I'm a bit bummed but really gotta think about this trying to hit golf balls on drugs thing. It could be dangerous!!! :shock:

Anyway, glad things are gettin sorted out for ya, and the game plan is to get well for Dallas and play 18!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Im glad you gave us an update, Dave. That is GREAT that the liver tumor is shrinking! I was also so happy to read how positive your oncs are. My father's onc and rad onc, and regular doc are all so encouraging with him and its so important. Youre doing so much for so many by participating in these studies.

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