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A sign

Nick C

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OK, mom has given signs. Not like Obi Wan Kenobi with Luke, but pretty darn good ones for sure.

When I wass in 3th grade, my mom got her dream car. 1978 silver anniversary corvette. Very rare then, extremely rare now! Honestly I haven't seen one since I was maybe in 6th-7th grade (when my mom couldn't maintain the car anymore and got rid of it).

Well today, the 5th Mother's day without her, we were running a little late, but had to get gas. And as I pumped I saw the flared wheel wells of a silver corvette pull in. It was the two toned silver. T tops off. Couldn't see the back spoiler (78 was rounded, other years flared) and I couldn't see the hood ornament (special edition). As the guy walked out of the gas station, I asked him "78?"


"Silver anniversary, haven't seen one of those in a long time. "

As we pulled out, I told Sophie to look out the window, this was Grammy's favorite car. She had one just like it.

I think mom popped down to say hi today...

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should have asked for a quick photo I be the owner would not mind.. glad it was a good day for Ya Nick!!

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I love those signs, Nick. So sweet that Sophie was able to see the car. I still get signs from Dennis and it's been almost 10 years now. I feel so close when I get them....almost like he's here with me.

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