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...and then there's the second shoe.


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I have an introduction, but all things considered, it's probably easier to just submit a new one.

2014 was one really crappy year. My annual testing, after eleven years cancer-free, was at the end of April. May 5, I am in with my oncologist and he is explaining to me that it's been long enough that I can just follow up with my GP. As he's talking, he's doing the neck lymph node touchy-feely exam...and hits a tender spot at my collar bone.

He says he doesn't like that, wants tests. He looks concerned, I tell him he sees cancer everywhere, that's his job, but I'm not going to worry until there's something to worry about. I am in for a CT on Thursday and then consult with him on Friday.

Need a better look at this swollen lymphynode, PET on Tuesday, poke biopsy on Wednesday. Surgical biopsy on Monday and the unmistakable sound of manure hitting the oscillator.

It's a tumor with an extremely slow growth rate - in fact, he thinks it came from the original tumor. The entire tumor cannot be removed by the ENT that performed the procedure, it's touching the carotid and the jugular vein.

Gee, maybe we should check out my head...

June 3, meeting with radiation oncologist to see if I am a candidate for radiation of the unclear margins. During this meeting, he's not as concerned with that as the lesion in my brain. June 6 Gamma Knife, radiation and chemo start June 10.

Many trials and tribulations, but still kicking. Now stage IV, but like age and weight, it's just a number.

My oncologist tells me I'm not normal - I've never tried to be. He says a recurrence after eleven years is unheard of. Yep. Blowing up stats left and right!

On the bright side, I no longer have to go to work any more and am enjoying the fur kids!

The plan is to beat this monster back under the bed with my Louisville Slugger.


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Hello, Snowflake,

Thank you for sharing your story. If attitude means anything, I think your prognosis is pretty darned good!

Stay strong & let us know how you're doing...

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Big Hi to my old friend Snowflake,I am still waiting for the big yellow bus to reach Scotland.

        I am sorry to hear of your cancer prob,hey if anyone can take this on the chin  and beat it, its you.Best wishes as your treatments progress,please keep us up to date.

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Hi Snowflake. Your words make me feel like you are a very strong person filled with courage! I am sorry about your re-occurrence. How many fur babies do you have? 

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