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Aching and numbness normal?


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I am newly diagnosed and am not meeting with an oncologist until Tuesday.  My tumors are in the upper left lobe and surrounding my pulmonary artery and lymph nodes. I"m not in terrible pain, but I have a constant ache on the front of my chest and some numbness to my arm.  I also have shooting pains, periodically, across my left shoulder blade. Is all of this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Was diagnosed with very similar symptoms you described, Had the constant ache for sure and could not sleep on my left side and was out breath on my  dog walking it was my blood pressure and the pain that I decided to go to the emergency dept in the early hours of the morning last September and sure glad I went now.


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Welcome here.

I am very hesitant to classify anything related to lung cancer as normal. In some circumstances, lung cancer causes pain and in others, there is no pain. Ensure you explain all your symptoms to your oncologist.

My only symptom at diagnosis was coughing up blood.  I had a large tumor at the junction of my bronchus and trachea.  As lung cancer tumors get larger, they create blood vessels and the size mine grew to also irritated my airway causing coughing.  The coughing ruptured blood vessels that got me to a doctor and yielded a lung cancer diagnosis. I had no pain at diagnosis. I do however know many who experience pain and in fact, pain is the primary complaint that leads to diagnosis.  So, symptomatically either pain or no pain with our without numbness is "normal."

I'm glad you've found us.  You'll likely have questions after your consultation and this is the place for answers. I hope your consultation is productive and results in answers.

Stay the course.


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I had a cold but developed severe pains across my chest and ribs and in the back. Thought it was pneumonia aggravating arthritis.  Went to infallible doc who did a chest xray which was clear. After a better look a nodule was FD. But I continue with strange pains. My shoulders have been aching. Today my elbow on right side is killing me. I think various pains with cancer are common. Mine is a carcinoid tumor but I guess they all can  pain. Tell you doctors about the pain. I know the pain is unsettling but don't read too much into it until you speak with docs. Best of luck . 

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