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Seek second opinion tomorrow


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Hi, my dad is going to meet another private oncologist for second opinion tomorrow and hope he could provide the best treatment advice to my dad, especially let us know there is some solutions for stopping the progression of disease. You know, for SCLC, as far as I know, no drugs such as IRESSA for NSCLC for SCLC patients. I hope he could bring us some good news and wise advices.

Please do keep my dad in your prayers. Will keep you all updated.

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The private oncologist comments that there is no proven record that any drugs could help to stop progression of disease for SCLC. What we mentioned such as TM, Decitabine, Thalidomine, Gleevec etc. are not recommended by him and he thinks it is not worth to try by paying huge money.

He totally agrees what our current oncologists treat my dad in the past as well as now. He commented craniotomy is the right choice for dad since the location of tumor is fatal and it may cause death.

We asked whether surgery could be done on my dad case and he answered we could try but he would not suggest my dad to do because SCLC is too extensive that it doesn't make sense whenever there is mets to particular place then treated the mets by surgery. He said we should let dad to keep the current good quality of life so he agrees not to start 2nd line chemo immediately.

What he suggests us to do is : have the brain MRI at end of March (check for every 2 months) and keep monitoring the lung tumor and the current metastatic lymph node.

We asked him which 2nd line chemo is better between Topotecan and CPT-11. He said since my dad had brain mets previously so, Topotecan is better for dad coz there is some articles told Topotecan could reach the brain. But, Topotecan's side effects and the toxicity is more than CPT-11.

In fact, what we got from this consultation is concluded as there is nothing wrong in previous treatments, no meds we should try currently, and surgery is not suggested, what chemo we should choose later as a second-line chemo. I can say, there is nothing that could help to stop the disease progression and interestingly, my dad felt very satisfied about this consultation and he thoughts even the consultation fee is double to previous two oncologists.

Maybe just bcoz he doesn't want to have surgery and doesn't want to be "Lab rat" (what he described) for testing drugs and there is someone on his side.

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