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How to stop thinking “what if” before tests


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I’m starting to feel like a big baby. My PET is Wednesday, my CT of my head is Thursday and the oncologist is Thursday afternoon. Of course I’m thinking the worst,  stage 4 no hope. Hell, I went to the doc thinking my COPD diagnosed 15 years ago finally kicked in big time and came out with my head spinning and it hasn’t stopped. How do you think positive when every step so far is negative?  

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Hey Barb,

This is probably the toughest week between the holiday & the all the diagnostic imaging.  This is the big push to help determine the best course of action.  None of this is easy for any of us.  With the advances in treatment today there is always hope.  Hang in there & try to find something joyful to do over the next few days.  You will get through this....

Will hold you in our prayers.  A big virtual hug to you.




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Hi Barb, Michelle has a good point about this being the worst week between it being holidays and all the testing. Scanxiety and holiday stress are  a hard combination. Just put one foot in front of the other. If one day at a time is too hard, try one hour at a time. If that's hard, then 5 minutes. Break it down as small as  you need to. You can do this!

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