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My First Fundraiser!

Rower Michelle

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Hi Everybody, 

One of the New Year’s Goals I made was to do some fundraising for lung cancer research.  I have a ALK Positive peer mentor that raised $2000 last year using the Lungevity DIY tool kit. 

So I spent a hour messing around (mostly looking for a decent picture of me) & now I’m up & running. Lungevity made it really easy to do.  I set up an e-mail campaign asking my friends & family to consider making a donation.   

I’m not the creative type so I just named the campaign Crew For Michelle  (aka I hope to Row again!)   Wish me luck on this endeavor!  


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That's awesome Michelle! My mom has done the Lungevity's Survivor Challenge. She raised nearly $2400 this year selling her handmade creations online and at farmer's markets, so it looks like we will be going to the International Lung cancer Survivorship Conference (formerly Hope Summit) again this year! She had a lot of fun doing it and it gives me the opportunity to raise awareness about lung cancer! I also posted a Facebook request for all of my Facebook friends to donate $1 to my mom's fundraising page for my birthday. Most friends donated much more and I was also able to educate about lung cancer that way too.

Best of luck in your fundraising adventures!!


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