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Hoping for?

Sharon k

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I learnt today that I have squamous cell cancer, I was told I might be able to have surgery to middle lobe have to wait till next Wednesday for meeting of doctors to see if I am fit for this surgery another week of hoping I can not believe I am wishing for major surgery but I am and the fitness fight begins (on Monday )because I’m off to the Lake District for some much needed food and drink and face it when I get back,I’m strong and going to forge ahead  bless all .

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I'm so relieved you finally got a diagnosis!  And yes, let's hope for surgery because it's the most promising treatment to completely get rid of the cancer.  If surgery proves impossible, though, there are other tools in the toolbox.  

Enjoy your visit to the Lake District--I've never been to the UK but it looks lovely!

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Hi, Sharon,

Thanks for sharing an update! We hope you have a nice getaway this weekend! Please continue to keep us posted.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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