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Back in March when my Mom was diagnosed with stage IV SCLC/NSCLC combo, her Oncologist asked her what her goal would be if she were to decide on treatment as opposed to letting nature take its course. My moms reply was “to live to see my granddaughter get married on 10/19/19. Her Oncologist promised to do everything in her power to get her there. My mom started treatment the next week. We saw the Doctor yesterday for bloodwork and to discuss her upcoming scheduled Tecentriq infusion on Monday, the 2nd one since having a break due to some side effects from it. After some discussion the doctor suggested putting off Mondays treatment until the Monday after my daughter’s wedding. She said to my Mom “you’ve worked to hard to get this far to risk having  a side effect that could keep you from your goal”. My Mom agreed. So treatment is postponed until 10/21. I’m so greatful that my Mom has an Oncologist that see’s her and treats her as a living breathing human being and that she KNOWS what’s important to her. Sadly that’s something that’s missing from a lot of the doctors we’ve dealt with over the past year. I don’t know if that’s because of my moms advanced age (90 going on 60!) or if that’s the just the way it is. But I know for 100% certainty that in 22 days I will walk up the isle with my Mom just before the wedding procession begins and for that, I will be forever greatful to her Oncologist for making that possible.

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