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Scan Coming Up

T Scholes

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I have only posted here a few times, but have read so many of the wonderful posts here.

In Dec. '19 I had a lobectomy (lower left lung) and was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 1A (21 lymph nodes were sampled and found clear).  I have had no further treatment since, or any follow-up doctor appts.  I am due to have my first follow-up scan next week and am obviously very nervous.  At the time of my surgery, I thought that would be it - cut it out and I'd be done.  After doing some reading and seeing stories here, I now know that is not always the case.  I am trying to be optimistic, but the closer I get to next Thursday, I find myself thinking of all the what if's.  I know many of you have been through so much and I hope to keep your comments and thoughts in my mind so I am able to deal with what may come.  I'm trying to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst...I guess that's really all any of us can do.  Fingers crossed.....

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Hello and welcome to scanxiety! We all go through it every time we scan. I don't know that it ever goes away. Mine kicks in about a week ahead of time. Ugh.

Unfortunately, recurrences do occur but they can be treated and survived. Several of us have had a couple of occurrences and here we are! As my scans approach, I find myself with lots of nervous energy so I do things like organizing closets and drawers. Others take trips (back when we could travel - LOL). Maybe binge watch some series you've been considering? Anything to keep your mind occupied.

I'll be keeping good thoughts for you. Please let us know the results.

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Thank you so much for your responses.  I really needed to hear that!!   Being that this was my first scan since my lobectomy, I was so nervous...trying to prepare for both good and bad news.  I had my scan this morning and then a teledoc appt. with my surgeon.  Thankfully, he said I am NED!!!  No sign of any new cancer or enlarged lymph nodes.   I will re-scan in December.  He told me that regarding the COVID crisis, he was in the trenches working in the ICU.....he said it was like being in a sci-fi movie.....all he could say was that it was just unbelievable.  I thank God he is safe and healthy.  I have so much trust and faith in him and feel he has my life in his hands.  A big virtual hug to all the healthcare workers....they have truly been through hell and back.  Stay safe everyone!  Terry

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Wonderful news about your NED scan.

COVID-19 presents a high rise environment for all lung cancer survivors. You are now one of us. I encourage you to read up on these risks here.

Stay the course.


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