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Round #2 Complete


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Carboplatin/VP-16. Some shot to top it off on the fourth day. Memory impairment. Some shot to top it off on the fourth day. 

Kidding/Not kidding.

Thursday and Friday are missing. I mostly slept through them. I could only stay awake for an hour at a time. A great deal of weakness in the upper legs, which I worked so hard in PT to strengthen. Still, not as bad as I thought. I'm up early to watch the Englishmen play football and feel much more alert.

Best to all,



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Hi Glenn,

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on anything on Thursday and Friday, just another barrage of sensationally bad headlines.   My Dad has some  memory impairment following a heart attack, said 70% of things today aren’t worth remembering.    Hang in there buddy! 

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Hello, @BridgetO.

I'm on my last day of round #4 and they've scheduled round #5. I'm suffering the usual side effects. I'm to have a CT scan before I start the next round. They spotted a couple of lymph nodes they want to see dead first. The worst of it is the tiredness. I'm hoping for the best out of this scan next week. Thanks for asking.



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