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Health Information on Cell Phone Lock Screen

Tom Galli

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During a Lungevity's survivors zoom meet-up we discussed how best to make personal medical history available if one is incapacitated and family members are not present. One can purchase bracelets that warn of specific medical conditions and allergies, but we lung cancer survivors often have complex medical conditions and side-effects that can complicate diagnosis and treatment by emergency medicine professionals. A survivor mentioned the Health App found on an iPhone, and sure enough, one was hanging out on my phone completely devoid of any information. No longer, now it contains my complete medical history, and I've set it so emergency medical personnel can access this information right from the lock screen without entering my password or using biometrics to unlock my phone. Here is what I put on my phone:

  • My entire lung cancer treatment history, dates of treatments, drugs used, types and areas of radiation administered
  • Other chronic medical conditions: sleep apnea, Sjorgren's Syndrome and the like.
  • My surgical history, types of surgeries, and dates
  • Chronic pain conditions and locations
  • Hard IV stick
  • Intubation requires a small endotracheal tube
  • Medication allergies
  • Prescription Medication taken by type of medication and dose
  • Blood Type
  • Height, weight
  • Two emergency contacts, by name and phone number

Other models of cell phone have similar capability. Use this technology feature. It may save your life.

Stay the course.


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Yup, and after we got off the call I figured out how to set it so it's accessible from the lock screen. 

Obviously there are privacy considerations, but all things considered, I'd rather risk a bad guy knowing who my doctors/meds are than have a problem and no way for the first responders to access my info. Obviously, you shouldn't include anything like your SSN or banking info, but there's no reason anyone would need that anyway. And it might be smart to simply list your age rather than your DOB, which can also sometimes be sensitive.

Just use good sense and don't include anything that could potentially harm you if it were improperly accessed.

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Is this only available on iPhone -- I'm on Android and could not find anything on my Samsung phone?   Do you know the name of the app, if so, I can try to find it in the Google Play store?   

 If anyone is an Android user, please share !  





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Lisa, for Android, go to your Contacts. Your contact will appear, and tap at the top (see 2 purple dots in photo below). Then scroll down to "Medical Info" and you can fill in your applicable info. I've provided an example. 


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